Five years ago today I began this blog.  Perhaps it’s not surprising that my subject that day was summer’s “impending dispersion into fall” – a similar theme to my last post, about the “slow morph” that takes place as summer fades away. Nature is usually my subject matter but I do still love the city.  Here’s a shot from another August day, six years ago, before I moved to Washington. That’s the Freedom Tower going up two blocks from the office where I worked. It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon and I was taking a walk to de-stress before going home.

One World Trade Center Going Up-Edit

Now I live in a different city that is much smaller, and closer to the country. I take advantage of that proximity, as anyone who regularly visits this blog knows. I also take advantage of the proximity of people here on the web, where digital magic brings images and narratives from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia right to my desk.

There is a community here, which I deeply appreciate. The relationships that materialize from what I’ll call the cloud of internet ether space, enrich my life. Because of those relationships, I work harder. I try to put my best foot forward each time I post here, and that means my photography and writing skills keep growing. I’m inspired by what I see happening on your blogs, and by a variety of websites, like Flickr for example. Museum shows, books, and of course nature – there are so many sources of inspiration. But what happens here, between my blog and yours, is singular. It’s a continuous spiral of growth.

This photo of swirling water was taken on another August day, five years ago, on the shore of an island here in Puget Sound.

DSC04409 copy-2-Edit

Below is a photo from November, 2012 of a magical, moss-draped Pacific Northwest forest. Its not a dramatic mountaintop or an exquisite orchid. It’s not a fascinating portrait either. Just a spot in the woods which for a moment, glowed with meaning. Maybe that’s what we find here on the better days: a spot on the web that glows, for a moment, with meaning. Or with pleasure – that will do too!



Whatever we may say about needing to unplug, it is good, being plugged in to this ever-expanding community. Thank you for being here, and for the work you do.