It’s a phenomenal world we live in. I deeply appreciate it, even on cranky days, and I invite you to wander through it with me.

I live in America’s Pacific Northwest, about 80 miles north of Seattle and 35 miles south of the Canadian border. Before moving here in 2012 I lived in New York City, so I’ve experienced a powerful change in my environment. I am not a gear nut, but if you’re interested, I’m currently (2019) using an Olympus OM-D EM-1 with an assortment of lenses. I use Lightroom and NIK Color Efex Pro & Silver Efex Pro for processing.

My education is in Fine Arts (BFA from School of Visual Arts, NY, NY) and Social Work (MSW from Fordham University, NY, NY).  I earned a Certificate in Botanical Illustration from the New York Botanical Garden, NY, NY.  I studied zen with Bernard Tetsugen Glassman, Roshi, (1939 – 2018) for about five years, while living at the Zen Community of New York, which he founded.

These days, I get out as often as I can to breathe the clean air and explore my surroundings with an open mind and fresh eyes. Sharing my impressions with people from all over the world nourishes me beyond words; more importantly, if you are moved by what you see and read here, then I’ve done what I set out to do.

Photographs can be ordered, framed or not, on a variety of surfaces, at my website:   lynn-wohlers.artistwebsites.com

Check out that comment button – I’d like to hear from you!


All images are copyright © Lynn Wohlers. All The Materials Contained May Not Be Reproduced, Copied, Edited, Published, Transmitted Or Downloaded in Any Way. All Rights Reserved. Copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of these images without written permission from the artist is strictly prohibited.


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  4. Oh, my, I love your photos that elegantly capture the mystic, quiet ambience of the sometimes gray, cool and wet atmosphere of the Northwest coastline. You obvious love raw nature and your camera friend that captures these images so well. Your photos remind me of the many times I have walked along the shores of Whidbey Island, where I live, collecting several treasures of marine and discarded objects that have washed up along the shoreline for my paintings and just for viewing; through many wet overgrown lush flora trails hidden beneath the tall dark evergreens and being revitalized by the fresh air.

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  5. Beautiful photos, as always! All of them!!
    Here in Portugal, spring is very unstable: gray and rainy days change with beautiful hot days and beach. Finding balance in the midst of so much instability, sometimes is not easy…
    But …our fields are so, so beautiful! Despite the imbalances, nature always balances us!
    Have a nice day!


  6. Took a few minutes, too little time to browse quickly through your blog. Enough to get caught, and to want to come back later and spend more time.
    I can well understand what it means to adapt from an urban setting such as New York to a more natural one across our continent, I went through that part of the world eight years ago, arriving from the East, on a very long trip in a small motorhome through the Mid-West and the Great Norhtern Plain as it is called in the US, to Seattle. We took the ferry to Victoria BC form Port Angeles Washington, which was our turnaround spot back on our way back home out east. We didn’t have enough time to explore that area of Washington which seemed to me to be a very spectacular part of the world, and which you seem to reflect very well.
    You handle your equipment, and use your applications very well, to capture the beauty of the universe, as well as to project how they inspire you.

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    • What a delight, to read your comment. It’s nice to meet you (though I need to see your blog, and will do that soon!). I haven’t done that ferry ride yet, but have done a number of shorter ones. It does really impress, this region, and I hope you do get to return at some point. Your trip sounds like quite an odyssey – I haven’t done anything like that – so many people have driven across the country, but I never did. We take road trips though, in different parts of the country, and we will keep doing that. Here’s to exploring!


      • 2011, from Ottawa to Seattle and back, in 10 weeks
        2014, from Montreal to Florida in five days and back sticking to the coast like velcro in eight weeks
        2016, from Montreal to Santa Fe, through Pittsburgh, Saint-Louis, along the Santa Fe Trail, and back through Cheyenne and Detroit, along on the roads Kerouak travelled with Neal Cassady : this is the trip that I described most extensively in my blog.
        And shorter triips in between each. All an odyssey through space and time.
        Keep exploring. So many things to discover, mostly about ourselves.

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      • And I apologize, I have seen your blog, and look forward to enjoying it more – I just didn’t put it together with your name above. 🙂
        Ture words below, about exploring…and what terrific trips!


  7. Just found your blog after a morning of laundry and blog hopping. Intriguing ideas and great captures. Looking forward to seeing more. Hope this weekend’s storm offers more edges for you — and us in the central Sierra Mountains!

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