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These photos were all made early in the morning in my yard, on the last day of March. A nice fog had settled in. When the sun broke through the mist, tiny dew drops sparkled on spider webs, and lit up like diamonds in the grass. I wouldn’t have known those spider webs were there, had I not gone out and paid attention, and if I waited an hour, it would have been over. It can be difficult to let go of what you’re doing and switch gears, but it is so worth it sometimes. 

I used an Olympus 45mm f1.8 lens, at f1.8 for most of the twig photos, at f2, f3.2 & f5.6 for the others, and f9 for the telephone pole. (That would be like a 90mm lens on most digital SLR’s, since I use a micro four thirds camera – an Olympus OM D EM-1, a model that’s now six years old, and eternity in technological terms.)


      • Ganz gut! 😉 Yes, it was very nice to meet you in Leiden. Most of the time I’m not a ‘fast socializer’, but the two of you felt familiar right from the moment we met. 👍Have fun and greetings for Joe as well! ✋


  1. Hi Lynn thank you for such a nice treat this morning!
    After seeing the spider threads in the first shots – lovely accents, but as structures, looking a bit like unfocused, cursory efforts, like the spiders were frustrated in trying to do little suspension bridges using an IKEA instruction sheet – – that fantastic web in #16 is really eye-opening. That is a spider that understands elegance. If you encounter it again at its next showing, please pass along my compliments, the little spiral pattern at the heart of its pattern is a nice touch.
    And the diamonds-in-the-grass shot is so beautiful, wow, it induces such a good feeling of happiness. 🙂

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    • I love the Ikea reference….I’ll look for that spider when I get back…. tell him Robert complimented his work, maybe see if he’d like to elaborate on the spiral theme. Actually I think the whole web is a spiral, so that single cross piece stands out as a mystery, don’t you think? It was a magical morning. May you have many magical mornings too… Thank you!


  2. Beautiful morning pictures. Diamonds are a girls best friend, especially if they are out of morning dew 🙂 Fog has its hidden treasures. You are right, it is absolutely worth it! Thank you for taking the time 🙂

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    • And thank YOU for taking the time to treat us to a beautiful meander among flowers, streams, crooked, cobblestone streets, magnificent cake creations, fuzzy-eared squirrels, melodious birds, enormous piles of regional delicacies, and let’s not forget the optician’s store….a jewel of a day….

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  3. Not long ago I purchased a well used but well cared for Olympus OM D EM-1. In a few months, it’s become my favorite camera. I’m very interested in obtaining some other lenses, particularly a macro, for it. I’m impressed at the image quality you consistently get from your equipment but also your creative use and technique you possess. As with all your posts, I like all the images but #8 particularly stands out for me. It’s just beautiful.

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    • Such a huge pleasure to read your thoughts. I’m glad to hear you’re liking the camera. It has served me well. The 45mm isn’t a macro, as you know, and you can’t get super close with it, but close enough. I love that lens, it’s something special, hard to put into words, but maybe I can put it into pictures ;-). The 60mm 2.8 macro is also very, very nice. Those two are my favs. The 60 can be a workhorse, it’s good for lots of things, certainly not just macro. The 45 has a bit of magic to it, especially pointed into the light, wide open.


  4. Yes, that’s the thing, just outside your back door there can be wonderful subjects – and they’re so easy to visit at “unsocial hours”! These are interesting, because although I like 1, 6 and 7, the ones that really get to me are the darker ones – 4, 8 and 17 …. = the darkness in my soul?????? 🙂


  5. Loved all the tender young spring shoots all highlighted with a slanting sun. It’s all pure joy. What fun to get out there immersed in the morning dew. And, OH! that cobweb… a true beauty. Good to hear you’re so enjoying your journey and adventure! I wait to see it through your magical lens.


  6. Hey Lynn,
    another great set…with a mystic fog picture (10-my favourite weather 🙂 and fine nature close up photos, i like them all although i am a town shooter at all…may be our nature in a big town like Hamburg are the buildings and streets…human nature may be called. All the best for you, Jürgen


  7. That is so true – what we miss if we stay inside! When I lived at the beach, it was difficult to sleep past 4:30, as I wanted to be there at dawn to hopefully see a sea turtle before it returned to the water – or to see what had washed up overnight… there are always rewards, and that final photo illustrates the promise of a new day.


  8. Hi Lynn, Enjoyed a morning stroll with you. The details of nature that you capture wide-open are captivating and you always find stunning light. Your perfect spider web was a great find.


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