Five years ago today I began this blog.  Perhaps it’s not surprising that my subject that day was summer’s “impending dispersion into fall” – a similar theme to my last post, about the “slow morph” that takes place as summer fades away. Nature is usually my subject matter but I do still love the city.  Here’s a shot from another August day, six years ago, before I moved to Washington. That’s the Freedom Tower going up two blocks from the office where I worked. It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon and I was taking a walk to de-stress before going home.

One World Trade Center Going Up-Edit

Now I live in a different city that is much smaller, and closer to the country. I take advantage of that proximity, as anyone who regularly visits this blog knows. I also take advantage of the proximity of people here on the web, where digital magic brings images and narratives from Europe, South America, Africa, Asia and Australia right to my desk.

There is a community here, which I deeply appreciate. The relationships that materialize from what I’ll call the cloud of internet ether space, enrich my life. Because of those relationships, I work harder. I try to put my best foot forward each time I post here, and that means my photography and writing skills keep growing. I’m inspired by what I see happening on your blogs, and by a variety of websites, like Flickr for example. Museum shows, books, and of course nature – there are so many sources of inspiration. But what happens here, between my blog and yours, is singular. It’s a continuous spiral of growth.

This photo of swirling water was taken on another August day, five years ago, on the shore of an island here in Puget Sound.

DSC04409 copy-2-Edit

Below is a photo from November, 2012 of a magical, moss-draped Pacific Northwest forest. Its not a dramatic mountaintop or an exquisite orchid. It’s not a fascinating portrait either. Just a spot in the woods which for a moment, glowed with meaning. Maybe that’s what we find here on the better days: a spot on the web that glows, for a moment, with meaning. Or with pleasure – that will do too!



Whatever we may say about needing to unplug, it is good, being plugged in to this ever-expanding community. Thank you for being here, and for the work you do.


  1. Happy fifth anniversary, dear Lynn! Lovely impressions to celebrate your blog.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead and many more happy years of blogging,
    Dina & co x 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the milestone, Lynn! We feel so fortunate to have made your acquaintance here. We’re constantly inspired by your work, and we thoroughly appreciate your endlessly gracious support of ours. To many more!

    • Funny! Five years here may be like 25 human years, or maybe the opposite – maybe it’s like five days, it seems to go by so fast. Thanks very much for your comment about the photo – it IS pretty obvious where it was taken, isn’t it?!

      • it can indeed go by fast…yet keeping a blog alive while navigating the demands of daily life can be daunting. so staying with it for five years is indeed an accomplishment.

        there is nothing quite like the terrain of the pacific northwest…at least for me there is a tranquity i experience no where else…maybe in part because there is nothing jumping out demanding attention.

      • Keeping a blog going can be daunting when you’re working, for sure. For me, it’s gotten easier lately because I’m not working, and the chance to express what I’m thinking and feeling, and trade ideas with others, is so very worth it.
        What you say about the tranquility of having nothing jumping out demanding attention is so interesting. I have to think about that – it’s intriguing. Another region I associate with the feeling of deep tranquility, or maybe it’s slightly different, maybe it’s more active, but it’s very spiritual, is the desert, especially southern Utah. I haven’t been there in many years, so maybe it has to do with who I was when i was there. This is all interesting food for thought. Thanks for being here!

  3. Congratulations on the five years, Lynn…it’s been a pleasure sharing most (?) of them with other you. You and your images and words have been excellent companions along the way. I wish you many more years to come. I rather enjoy that “spot” of woods in your last photo…it’s wonderful. 😊

    • I think you’re right, we’ve been following one another’s blogs for a while. I have really enjoyed yours, so thank you for your comments…that place is not too far from here, but the photo is five years old and I don’t think I’ve been there since. I should go back!

      • You are most welcome…I enjoy seeing that you’ve visited, as well…. And yes, if the place is not that far away, maybe it’s time for another visit….

  4. Congratulations on five precious years from me too, dear Lynn! The gifts you offer in your images and writing are so special and often resound powerfully in my mind. Especially here your words about blogging and the richesse coming from the blogging community seem coming right from my heart.

  5. Dear Lynn,
    as an anniversary present, I translated that little strawberry poem for you and just posted it – surely not in perfect English, but the best I could. So if you like: have a look.

  6. I’ve had some wonderful friendships develop from this blogging venture. Here’s to many more lovely shared years with you and other bloggers.

  7. Lynn, my dear, I almost missed this!!! >>> many congratulations indeed on 5 years. Your’s is one of my favourite blogs, both for your images and your words, and I’ve never been disappointed. Now, as I’ve done before, I’m going to quote from the above – “The relationships that materialize from what I’ll call the cloud of internet ether space, enrich my life. Because of those relationships, I work harder. I try to put my best foot forward each time I post here, and that means my photography and writing skills keep growing.” >>> ABSOLUTELY!!! I agree with you one hundred percent! We both know that blogging is not a simple job, it can be quite hard work, but, like you, it makes me work harder and I’m sure it helps my skills. Looking forward to many, many more of your posts. Adrian 🙂

    • You’ve been a great supporter; I hope you realize how valuable that is. Thanks for showing up with enthusiasm and good cheer, as well as helpful suggestions, ideas, and let’s not forget the compliments! Those are nice too! 😉

  8. You covered a long journey.. 5 years! 🙂 Compared to that, I just recently connected with your blog. You have a great and inspiring content. Waiting to see more words and more photographs of nature. Happy anniversary and Best wishes…

  9. Congrats ! What’s more, you always keep it sincere and it goes straight to the heart. Although I’ve known your blog for one month only, I really enjoy reading your articles, and the pictures that come with them. They tell a story, your story, and this is as fascinating as it is, also, comforting. Thanks !

    • I appreciate your sensitivity. If you decide to create a blog, I’ll be there – just let me know! Otherwise, I hope you’re finding gratifying outlets for telling your own story. I appreciate your thoughts, Pierre, thank you very much!

  10. Happy Birthday Lynn! As you know, I thoroughly enjoy your work. Your choice of subjects, your observation and your interpretation resonates so closely with my own interests.

    • It’s been a pleasure to see those resonances (a clumsy word, I guess, but…) blooming across the web over these years. Thanks for being here all the time, Louis, your presence is appreciated.

  11. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find you sooner. The great joy is knowing that you’ll be here in the future, to keep inspiring me! Happy fifth anniversary!

  12. Happy 5th blogiversary, Lynn! Beautiful photos as always, that capture an ephemeral time and space. I like what you said about plugging in expanding our world. They are both interesting places to explore, the plugged and unplugged worlds. 🙂

  13. Happy Blogaversary! I’ve truly enjoyed reading and gazing here – though my own blog posts have been sparse of late, I’m still here, thanks to you and the other great people I’ve discovered through WordPress land!

  14. It’s a joy to read your posts, admire your images and see your world through your eyes and soul… That final image is soooo soothing, and you remind us that beauty is everywhere – we just have to slow down and cherish what’s nearby!

  15. happy 5th…so glad we’ve connected and i appreciate all you share and the photo knowledge you have…thank you and have another wonderful year composing your beautiful educative posts ~ smiles hedy

  16. I’m sorry I’m so late getting to this post, Lynn. I’m still catching up from vacation. As much as I really really like these three photographs, I must say that your words have touched me even more. Your graciousness is almost unbelievable. Thank you for your photographs, thank you for your words, and thank you for touching all the people who so often write to tell you how you have reached them. Their comments are part of the joy of your blog. Long may you run.

  17. Lyn, I can’t tell you enough how much your great work has meant to me over the years. Your beautiful shots and gentle words are my treasured quiet space of fresh air and awe. Thank you so much for your friendship!

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