COFFEE: instant

With a nod to Otto von Munchow at In Flow who posts an Instagram image every Wednesday, from time to time I’ll post an Instagram photo here. This one was made yesterday in a local coffee shop. I came in from the rain after a walk in a nearby preserve and ordered a macchiato. I shot a photo of it with my phone. How many photos have you seen of coffee and food in restaurants? Way too many! The afternoon light was nice but something needed to be switched up to make it a little more interesting…



My Instagram feed

Coming soon…a wander through a botanical conservatory.


  1. So funny Lyn but I was I was in a coffee shop this morning browsing through Instagram when I came across your coffee shot and love how you have caught that beautiful light! Thanks for your company!


  2. If there can be film noir, why not photography noir? The unseen elements here (for me, at least) include a shoved-back chair, a porkpie hat, a still-burning cigarette, and radical uncertainty over whether he will, in fact, catch her before she boards the streetcar.


  3. Aaah, with a water back. So ’twas a proper coffee shop!

    And yes, I have seen millions of photos of coffee and food in restaurants. I have also seen millions of photos of trees, flowers, grass and sky but yours always stand out as fantastic and well worth seeking out.

    This is no exception.


  4. Followed. Haven’t Instagramed in a while but I just got a schmancy new phone with a camera that officially matches my dslr for pixels. Recon that’s a good enough reason to get back at it.


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