Seen on the Ferry









And on the island…









It was a quick day trip across Puget Sound to Marrowstone and Indian Islands, near Port Townsend. We hadn’t been there before and had an urge to check out the area.  The rather dark, cold and blustery day was like many other winter days in the Pacific Northwest, so that didn’t keep us from going out.

The ferry views are always pleasant if you can take the cold on deck! You could sit at a window, but the crossing is only a half hour, so I typically roam the ferry to see what I can see. I never sit down, though it would be satisfying with a good book – or good friends.

I enjoy the ferry itself – the heavy ropes, the nets to keep people off the deck, the safety signs, the solid build. Even the brooms were poised for a picture, so I clicked. The last shot is taken from behind the reinforced glass door towards the bow. I focused on the metal in the glass so the rest blurred. I like the effect.

The beach scenes are from Fort Flagler on Marrowstone Island.  A strategic coastal defense fort that is now a park, it was built in the 1890’s and was active during both World Wars and the Korean War. This spot and two others nearby were a “Triangle of Fire” that defended Puget Sound. By 1953 it was deactivated. The park has lovely views of the water and the Olympic Mountains (above).  And guess what – you can spend the night in the restored Engineer’s house, or how about the century-old Hospital Steward’s house?  That one comes with pressed tin ceilings in the bathroom, a claw foot tub, and of course a porch.  Prices are reasonable….

Finally,  in the tiny town of Nordland on Marrowstone Island, shellfish is still serious business:


We should get back here next summer.

For now, eagerly looking forward to a few days in the desert this week, in a remote corner of Arizona.


  1. oh how lovely is this… i find ferries to provide great camera targets, too. your captured moments are so inviting.
    some nearby jewels that are begging for exploration. will have to make a mental note for one of our next trips down to the US…. thanks for sharing.

  2. The pair of brooms reminds me of an Irish proverb I grew up with: “The new broom sweeps clean, but the old broom knows the corners.” I especially like the first photo. There’s something about coiled line that appeals. I’m surprised by the yellow color, but that has nothing to do with photography. Down here, I can’t remember seeing yellow line. Now I’m curious why that should be. The only yellow I see is polyurethane, and thin: as for life preservers (because it floats). It has to be replaced regularly, because the sun damages it. Too many questions!

  3. Good pictures, Lynn, but I have to say – more than ever before – that top image knocks me completely flat, such a simple subject and such an incredible rendering of it – WOWEE!!!! A

  4. I’ve had a hankering to visit the Puget Sound are for what seems like forever. You’re just adding to that urge with your lovely bits and pieces of it. You might guess from what you’ve seen me post that my favorite shot had to be the second to last with the beach and gorgeous mountains in the background. Even on the dreary days it’s such a wonderful scene. IMHO especially on dreary days…

  5. Certainly a selection to please my tastes!! I like the effective simplicity of the broom picture and the grasses and atmosphere of the island view.

  6. Love the view across the shore Lynn .. and the patterns caught your eye on the ferry . Lovely details . Hope you enjoy hot Arizona ! I can see some fabulous cacti coming our way 😉
    Currently enjoying some far flung island – sun ourselves it really makes one forget it’s still Winter back home .

  7. Lovely collection, as always, Lynn. Gotta love those yellow ropes, especially the detail of the strands within them. Brooms can be so photogenic—with the camera in the right hands, which yours are. These are truly handsome brooms in a terrific configuration. That bluish color in the net photo is really appealing, with matching water and fiber strips. And your through-the-door photo has wonderful shapes, blur, and pale colors. My favorite of the island photos is the first one. Love the colors and the stripeyness. Looking forward to seeing Arizona through your eyes.

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