These images were made recently on short trips, some from the car.

The photos take a broad view, literally, and some also take a broader view than typical landscape photography does of what you can do with a camera.


Brooding skies over the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, with the Olympic Mountains in the distance. This one uses an in-camera filter for dramatic effect.






Three roadside shots from the Cascade Mountains, near Index, Washington. The first two were taken from the car as we rounded bends on a narrow, two lane road. Coming out of the camera, the top two were very pale and didn’t look like much, but boost the contrast and increase the black tones, or pull the tone curve shadows and darks way down, and they get interesting. Desaturating the second one adds a bit of mystery, I think.

The third image is straight from the camera, but uses an in-camera filter to increase the drama (same filter as the first one of Seattle). It was one of those dreary gray days that don’t offer good light for photography, but there we were, in a spectacular setting. I was glad I could try different interpretations of the scene.


There’s lots of intentional blur in this one, where I panned the camera from left to right out the passenger window of a moving car. By panning while moving, the area in the middle stays more or less in focus while the rest is blurred. This is a technique I want to try more.

If shooting intentionally blurred shots intrigues you, there’s a very good book out by an Adobe trainer, Julieanne Kost. It’s called Passenger Seat (click for a look). The book includes her own gorgeous blurred photos with information on techniques. There’s lots of advice on workflow, processing, and presenting your work by sharing it online, publishing a book, etc.


Last, a phone shot taken at Marymoor Park in Bellevue, Washington. There’s very little processing on this one – the light created the magic, along with the little girls, who I trust are magicians themselves…



  1. Very much like your thoughts and explanations within these shots ~ I was just in the Queen Anne area last week, miss the city already. The 3rd shot you have here is great ~ movement and also clarity is a story within itself. Great post.


      • It is something else, Pike Place Market is a 5-10 minute walk from my place (I go their often) but I’ve never shot it… I keep saying “I should do that one of these days…” but I love just walking around, interacting and of course getting great produce. As for your photo, sometimes going to extremes is just the perfect thing needed, very well done.


  2. Love the 2nd and 3rd from the top, Lynn, they give such a terrific feeling of speed. And the 2nd up from the bottom is interesting, I’m intrigued by the technique. The final image is truly beautiful. A ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. This is a lovely set of images Lynn and I enjoyed your thoughts on the processes. I love your experimental approach to photography and you’re being rewarded for your efforts with some great images.


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