Late October, early November:

rain-gray skies play tag with gleaming sun-breaks.

Dark branches drop paper leaves:

life pares itself

to a skeletal essence.



P1150641 copy



These photos were taken at home, in parks, in a parking lot, and on the road, with my phone and my Lumix. I experimented with processing more than I usually do, using On1. The last photo was shot with my phone as I drove home from work one day last week. Moody skies are back…


  1. Your Autumn is looking so very much like ours the last few days Lynne , but what a rich source of inspiration for a closer look at its increasing ‘skeletal essence’ as you have so beautifully described it . Super pictures love how those genuine raindrops really add to the mood in picture no 4 .
    That certainly looks an evening to rush in the door and shut out those grey skies πŸ™‚


    • We’ve just switched off Daylight Savings Time, which I think you have, too. Always a little hard to get used to the increased darkness in the late afternoon. But the darkness is beautiful, too. I just have to remind myself! The third & fourth were taken while sitting in a parking lot, from inside the car with my phone – it’s always interesting to see what the phone decides to see (where will it focus, etc???).


  2. All lovely Lynn! “Processing” — brings to mind hours in the dark, developing film, experimenting with printing, watching the amazing process in the red light of the print apparently magically appearing, from shadow to photo. Your brother just told me what On1 is — I’m still mostly just using very basic editing. I like the X-ray effect in your heart-leaf pic.


    • Great to hear form you! On1 is fun and very easy to use. I suppose it’s really nothing like the darkroom, except that so many of the effects are named after, and obviously patterned after, darkroom techniques or effects. It’s very much NOT thinking outside the box, when programmers try to mimic those effects, but it’s still really fun to work with. That leaf was an effect that includes a negative image. I liked that one too!


  3. Wonderful pictures, Lynn, very imaginative. I especially like the 4th down, the skeletal trees and the red-brown leaves – that black border looks great too. And the final shot is wonderfully moody, and timely / seasonal too. Adrian


    • I’m pleased that you like those – the last one has two different borders in different thicknesses – so much fun to play with things like that sometimes. But then I think I should stick to working on refining straight photographs and not spend time with all the graphics. It’s two different sensibilities. But the fact is – I guess – there’s room for both, isn’t there?


    • It’s always interesting to know which ones strike someone. And you picked some that are very simple shapes, like the second, and some that are complex, like the red leaves. Room for both approaches, right?


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