Yesterday was cloudy with a spit of rain here and there, hardly enough to run the windshield wipers. It seemed a good day to head up to Skagit County, a place of open vistas, farms, plentiful water, and small towns.

Under moody skies Lummi Island hid its top across the estuary’s dark waters. Hidden among lapping waves, three loons dove and disappeared, their sleek heads reemerging closer, then farther out, in a mesmerizing rhythm older than we could imagine.

Fishing is good now on the Samish River, for catching salmon as well as quiet camaraderie.ย  The endless fields and marshes, distant blue hills, wet smells and gulls’ cries forge an atmosphere that can soak peace right into the bones.

Herons were busy yesterday, too. This one strutted his stuff to ward off an interloper from the perfect spot on the slough.

Salt-tolerant Douglas asters highlight the marsh with lavender splashes. September asters are flowers to be grateful for – soon there will be nothing in bloom out here.

Spiders are busy among the ripening rose hips, and colors are more vivid for the moisture in the air.

What is it about overcast skies that suits this land so well?

A farmer drew a line of sunflowers along the edge of a field.ย  It’s a horizontal landscape here: one long edge after another, piled up in subtle stripes, variations on a restful theme.

In the small town of Edison, hard by a slough-edged farm, a handful of laid back restaurants beckon. We chose an old favorite and tucked in to grits with curried sausage and shrimp, eggs with a big country biscuit, roasted tomatoes, arugula and orange slices. Our water was steeped with mint and lemon. The owner chatted with friends at the next table, tattooed cooks brought plate after plate heaped with local food out, and the blues drifted over, completing the picture.

Photos taken with a Lumix G3; 20mm prime and 80 mm macro lenses. The last two were taken with a Samsung phone.


    • Thank you, nice to hear from you. Yes, it can be bleak in winter. I’m in the Seattle area, which actually has loads and loads of trees, and mountain views. These photos are considerable north of Seattle in an area with lots of open agricultural space. It doesn’t get much snow but can be pretty gray in winter.


  1. Such openness all round Lynn and a joy to be part of it . I see you making the most of the days and finding colour in a grey scene which although I can be the worst for bemoaning what the skies hold do add a certain mood to many photographs … stirring up any number of emotions .
    Your restaurant stop sounded great fun !


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