To me, anyway.

The first time I spotted this old chicken barn outside Duvall, Washington (a rural town 25 miles east of Seattle), I was drawn to the severe lines and faded, mustard-colored siding. It backs into its site nicely. It hasn’t changed in the three years I’ve watched it – the grass is mowed every now and then and the barn remains unused. Ignoring the No Parking signs, I park on the side, step back, and compose shots around that sweet trapezoidal shape. I creep up close to shoot rusty nails in the siding, or a stray wildflower hidden among the grass in front.

This is the kind of prosaic building that might come down any minute. My breath probably settles the tiniest bit each time I round the corner and see it’s still there.

Lumix G3 with Panasonic 20 mm f/1.7 lens; f/4.5 1600 sec. ISO 160


  1. I’d be drawn to this building too, Lynn, but I’d be afraid to ignore the “no parking” signs. I’m such a rule follower! I need to follow your cue and ignore signs such as these. 🙂 I love the building in that light.


    • Watch – you’ll do that and get in trouble, and I’ll feel bad! For me it depends on the context, and in this case it’s never looked like I would be bothering anyone. If someone came along and asked me to leave, I would of course, but the place is always deserted. Glad you like the photo!


  2. Yes, I’m with you, Lynn, re the mustard colour and trapezoids – its a very attractive structure. Think I’d ignore the No Parking sign too – after all, you’re right there, and so can move your car in an instant. A 🙂


    • Attractive, but probably not built to be anything but practical. Form following function. There’s a field across the road where people hunt at certain times of the year – maybe the sign was put up to discourage hunters from parking there.


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