1. I love your series of what looks like collections from the sea (?). I love the sea glass with the photo, and the variegated rocks, as well as your depth of focus, fading to blurriness, on the top picture. Interesting!


    • Collections mostly from the sea, sort of…the first may have been from Arizona, or eastern Washington – which I had made a note of that! The sea glass mostly from Staten Island, believe it or not, and I found a lot in a spot between Staten Island and Manhattan, a channel very busy with ships and tugs. And you’ll probably be interested to know that the photo of the girl was me, quite some time ago….


  2. Yes, I agree, you are talented, and its a real pleasure following your blog. I love the comma in Still, Life – my guesses are that either the life you are photographing is still, or that its another way of saying “Anyway, Life” – bet I’m wrong! 🙂 And the images, and their capitalised titles, are both beautiful and enigmatic. Good stuff! A


    • I took these things outdoors, but even so, with all the huge trees surrounding our space here, light can be scarce. Or soft! A better way of thinking about it for sure. Depth of field courtesy the new macro lens, so much fun to play with. Thanks Louis.


  3. I like these soft focus images that are similar to the “edges” series you did a few days ago. Have fun with your new macro, Lynn; I look forward to seeing the images that result.


    • I will! Since I was very young I have loved to look at the world up close, imagining that small world as a huge universe. I think I should play with the two dimensional images mixed up with small objects some more. Lost more.


    • Thanks Patti, I think when the winter closes in with its gray, wet weather, I can focus more on this kind of thing. It’s almost schizophrenic here, with gorgeous sun and no humidity all summer and the cold grayness the test of the year. So in summer one is just mad to be out all the time, taking advantage of every day.


    • I think there are lots of possibilities just with all the odds and ends – let’s say the natural history collection – that I have. Mixing that up with 2 dimensional images could be fun. Good to hear you like it!

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