We escaped to the Olympic peninsula for three days this week. Here are a few glimpses – more later –


Top: A map of the northwest tip of the continental US, posted on the wall of a restaurant on the Makah Reservation in Neah Bay, WA. With helpful tips!

Next: Curley’s, a fisherman’s hotel, and the marina, in Sekiu, WA.

Next: Morning fog lifting off the marina in Sekiu.

Next: A Glaucous-winged gull, like a Herring gull, but without the black wingtips, these are common on the west coast.

Next: Sea stacks at Shi Shi Beach, Olympic National Park. Reached by walking two miles through Makah reservation land, then descending a steep cliff to the shore with the aid of a rope. Worth it!

Next: Beach detritus, always fascinating. And trash is rare here.

Bottom: Olympic Peninsula hills receding into the mist at Pillar Point.


  1. Nice set of pictures, Lynn. My out and out favourite has to be the fog lifting off the marina in Sekiu, and you are oh so right to keep this in colour. The Glaucous-winged Gill must be close to our Glaucous Gull, but not I think the same species. The Sea stacks at Shi Shi Beach are dramatic, and might repay an exploration in black and white. And I like the colourful beach debris – and, as you say, free of trash, an increasingly rare thing! Adrian


    • Yes, there are Glaucous culls there too, and they interbreed with the Glaucous-winged, as well as with Herring gulls, just to keep things interesting…I will try some black and whites – I appreciate the suggestion.

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    • That map speaks volumes, doesn’t it? Glad you enjoyed – there will be a few of a man you would have really loved – he goes from little town to little town, repairing big wooden sculptures that tend to rot. He’s a rough and tumble kind of guy, and had quite a story to tell.


  2. I love the map picture, Lynn. I love maps anyway, and as I used to live in Coeur d’Alene, it’s fun to see a map of the places we explored while we lived there. I also love the pier with the fog lifting and the beach detritus. So colorful and interesting, as always. 🙂


    • I’m a map person too – and that one was just too good to pass up. It really tells the tale of the place where I found it – a place to explore, but you have to mind the roads, and the reservation rules. Glad you enjoyed, Cathy!

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  3. My favorite part of the country, and you captured it down to a T…brilliant shots, with the Sekiu morning fog lifting off the marina being one of the reasons I like to be at the morning shore to soak in the beginning of a day.


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