The RUGGED MANIAC RACE isn’t one I’m likely to find myself doing anytime soon, but my son – that’s a different story. We were summoned to photograph him and his girlfriend as they competed in the three plus mile obstacle race, made crazier by lots of mud.



There were guys in tutus, guys with odd beard treatments, you name it…

But my favorite guy was this one, cooling off after the race.

He’s my guy – and here he is with his girlfriend, who probably could have beat him if she tried!

A little mugging for the camera?

Gotta do the chivalrous thing at the finish line…

It was great fun, and everyone was glad for the overcast skies. Me, I was glad I had the camera on “Burst mode”!


    • I wasn’t quite that close, but I did find mud spots on my pants later…you would have done such a great job with this event. We arrived too late to make a plan with my son, and in the future that’s what I would do – find out more about the course and try to plan where to find him in it, and wait there for the best photo. We waited near the finish.


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