A random group of photos from over the years:

Sky Valley Stock and Antique Tractor Club Annual Fair, Monroe, WA

SONY DSCA happy tourist in New York City

SONY DSCA backyard project in New York City’s Staten Island

Flag flying traditional style, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

SAMSUNGOCCUPY WALL STREET – another kind of flag flying

SONY DSCIraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, in NYC

At Arlington National Cemetery:Ā  R.I.P. Sean Callahan

International flag flying at Horseshoe Bay near Vancouver, Canada

High Drama at Rockefeller Square, NYC



    • We are in the middle of an extended, record-breaking heat wave. I believe your Continental buddies are dealing with the same thing. So today one just is happy to plod though slowly, keeping activity to the morning hours…and to a minimum! I used to deal with worse heat in New York City so I guess I’m becoming acclimated, as even temps n the high 80’s F is leaving me wilted, just like everyone else here. Be well yourself!


    • Please, it’s such a simple post – nothing compared to what you put together on a regular basis! I suppose you’ve heard about the heat? I know I’m becoming a real PNW’erner when I start to wilt like everyone else here, even from temps in the 80’s. But it seems the sun feels hotter on my skin than it did in New York – NYC’s humidity is oppressive, but I think the water and smog in the air might cut the sting of the heat a little, too. Still, I’ll take extra hot over extra cold!


      • It is amazing to hear about the heat wave ~ never thought I’d be more comfortable here in Hong Kong during the summer! I do hope it cools down end of July, though, as I return back to Seattle and would like a nice/normal great summer weather of the PNW. Thanks again for the post, got my dose of America and an understanding of the greatness the flag offers (your photos at Arlington National Cemetery are really special). Take care ~


    • Thank you – most all of these were not taken for the flag itself, but for the whole scene. I thought a random group of images with flags might be fun to post. Luckily, I keyword my photos! Otherwise it would be pretty hard to wade through them all, looking for pics with flags. šŸ™‚


    • Cynical as I am, I have to agree, though the Arlington National Cemetery photos do not make me feel proud of any flag. War is an unspeakably stupid way to conduct affairs. OK, enough!


      • We have a flag war (of sorts) going on in our neighborhood where one house flies the coexist flag and the next door neighbor responds with the “don’t tread on me”… interesting little message there. Or so it seems. Wonder if it’s occurred to anyone that in a sense they’re both saying the same thing?


  1. I know it’s too late to wish you a happy holiday, but best wishes to all my American friends… may we have another year of health and happiness and freedom. Beautiful pictures!


  2. What a wonderful collection! I too was taken by the Martha’s Vineyard slide, so quiet, saying so much. Love the old bearded guy on the tractor in the first shot, heartbroken at the Arlington scene. As for OWS, how funny would it be if we maybe walked past each other at some time down there!


    • Patti, you would totally enjoy the tractor fair – it was amazing. Maybe we’ll go again this year. Yes, who knows, maybe we passed one another! My shots are poor because the light was gone and I was suing a cell phone, and kind of running around the block. But I’m glad I have them just the same. Keep cool!


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