The Blur of a Summer Morning, Up in the Trees

Adrian Lewis at FATman Photos recently posted a beautiful, purposely out of focus photo.

That inspired me to go ahead and click the shutter as I peered through an out of focus lens into the leafy abyss that is our woods, one morning this week.  The limey, saturated greens, glinting yellows, bits of pale blue, cool air and cawing crows, all conspire to create a kind of super wide screen experience. An abstraction might convey the experience better than a straight representation of the scene.

I like the way the world looks when it’s out of focus, but usually I don’t press the shutter to record it. So thanks to Adrian for reminding me.


  1. Lynn, thank you very much for the plug – and I’m very pleased to be a source of inspiration! I very much like these pictures, my favourites probably being the two at the top (especially the top one!), and the one at the bottom. I’ve got another such image to post, but haven’t got around to it yet.

    And here is a very favourite quote from the British artist JMW Turner, which I think applies to such images – “I did not paint it to be understood, but I wished to show what such a scene was like.”. Absolutely – such images are impressions of scenes, what they seem like, and maybe what its like being there too. Adrian 🙂


  2. Well, your mage is really special. I have done a fair amount of blurred and out of focus things, but when I saw yours I realized that I see the images above often as a prelude to focusing on something in the woods, so I thought I should play with that. Thanks for the quote, and your thoughts –


  3. Such a nice dreamy quality to these. They fit your style well though I’m not sure I can pin down or describe what that ‘style’ is. Something to do with impressions of a scene as mentioned above by Adrian. Very, very nice.



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