• I moved out here to get away from the 3 digit heat spells, not to mention the polluted air, though Utah didn’t have the high humidity. So, I feel cheated when it starts getting warmer than I prefer it. I’ll take rain and winter storms any day… as long as it’s not snow. One gets so easily spoiled. 😉


  1. Thanks for sharing your June pleasures, Lynn. It’s nice to see summer as I’m used to seeing it back home. Your photos are lovely as always. I’m counting the days till I leave China: 24 as of today. 🙂


    • 24 more days will go by fast. I guess it’s 23 already where you are. I still miss certain summer pleasures of eastern North America – how about katydids? Not here, unfortunately. And the Mockingbird’s song…I miss that. So I know what you mean, and it must be magnified tenfold when you’re so far away. You’ll be thrilled to be back, then restless again though, right? 🙂


  2. Turtles! I am a sucker for turtles. There is just something about watching them soaking in the sun. It’s peaceful. I will be out in the kayak and I feel so badly when I get near them because I know they will plop from their restful spot into the water. I tell them, out loud, I come in peace but it doesn’t work. They plop anyway. Come to think of it, maybe the cool swim is a nice break from the heat. Thanks for such lovely photos that lead to contemplation! 🙂


    • Thank YOU for a fun comment – I apologize to the birds at the feeder when I walk too close. They don’t need more stress. But it’s OK. Hey, at least we’re not taking pot shots at the turtles and birds with our BB guns! 😉 (I added a frog!)


  3. Full of summer every one of these Lynn ! You weren’t tempted to kiss the frog then 😉
    Love the follow my leader turtle style .


    • A little animation, yes? The turtles are on that log every day there’s sunshine, and it’s very entertaining to watch them climb on, not caring if another turtle is there, and plop off into the shallow water.


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