It was intense, and it was quick. A spring hailstorm dumped loads of pea-sized hail the other day. Some of the potted plants on the deck were almost buried in it. It stuck to the ground, too, like snow in May, and it ripped holes in the maple leaves. I was lucky enough to be home so I grabbed the camera and shot quickly.

Last weekend I took an extra day for a quick trip to Oregon, where we explored waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge and a beach cave on the coast. It was amazing, and photos will be posted soon!

I apologize for not having time to look at blog posts for the last two or three weeks  – work has been intense, as intense as that hail. But I will make time soon, one way or another!


  1. Hail is a fascinating weather phenomenon. If I had never seen it and someone told me about it, I’d probably go “yeah, right…” (like not believing it). And hail that rips holes in maple leaves? No, never! Well, I have to believe you now!
    I look forward to know more about your trip to Oregon, a beach cave sounds kind of irresistible!


  2. A shower you must have been glad to have missed Lynn ! Those little iced peas can really wreck delicate leaf growth . Sounds like you had a treat and one we have to look forward to .. waterfalls AND the coast – a great combination 🙂


  3. Wonderful images. I love when we get hailstorms. As Dalo mentioned, the sound is pretty amazing as it pelts the roof. Luckily I’ve never been caught outside in one. 😉


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