A Spring storm gathers over the Snoqualmie River, about a half hour from Seattle.Β  Clouds obscure looming Mount Si, even as the sunshine brightens the trees. The first bloom of dandelions has already gone to seed.

At my feet, the graceful curves of a freshly unfurled Lady fern echo the relaxed bow of rain-soaked grasses.

Up the river, lily pads interrupt the shimmering reflections of tall cottonwoods.



Finally the clouds break and Mount Si appears, but whispers of cloud still cling delicately to its flanks.

With all the intense acid greens of new foliage clamoring for attention, I thought it would be interesting to try processing these images in black and white.

Photos taken around Three Forks Natural Area in Washington State.


    • I used an Infrared setting when processing to get across how it felt, which is hard to do with weather. I was so glad that light happened just as I was driving down a road that was easy to stop on!

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  1. Very nice, Lynn…when I read the title and saw the first image, I imagined a snow storm…but I guess not. πŸ™‚ It does look like a perfect place to capture the spring rains, though….lovely mountain area…that must be richly green right now.


    • πŸ™‚ Snow! We rarely get it, but up in the mountain passes, it’s different. This mountain rises abruptly from relatively low land so all is lush and green around it. Really, really green!

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  2. Up in my neck of the woods, I see. πŸ™‚ Great captures, and you’re right that the B&W gives them a much different and beautiful feeling. That spring green is almost painfully gorgeous in the spotlights of sun these days. So fresh around here lately. If you’d like, contact me and I’ll meet you at Pioneer Coffee when you’re up in the Valley sometime. You can email me, and I’ll you a number to call or text if you prefer the option to be spontaneous at some future date. I don’t bite, but I do tend to laugh loudly sometimes in public. πŸ™‚


  3. Wow, this is just a striking series of photos, seriously beautiful scenes of the Snoqualmie River. Incredible captures and the B&W works well ~ especially in the opening shot. Brilliant.


  4. Oh I do particularly love your storm brewing in the first photo Lynn . Little bright spots from the dandelion puffballs along the bank to the glooming … wonderful ! The river reflection picture has a very delicate look . I like it lot too !


  5. Wow~ you are a gifted photographer. These could easily rival Ansel Adams, they are that strong in composition. There is something so touching in seeing the fern in black and white, isn’t there? And the landscapes look majestic.


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