Anemones! These beauties were an unexpected gift when a delivery was wrongly made to our door. I have enjoyed watching them bloom and fade over the course of several weeks. They have always been a favorite flower (but then, I have so many favorite flowers!) for their color and balletic form, and especially for their graceful slow fade.


From Wikipedia:

Anemone coronaria is widely grown for its decorative flowers. Numerous cultivars have been selected and named, the most popular including the De Caen and St Brigid groups of cultivars.[2] The De Caen group are hybrids cultivated in the districts of Caen and Bayeux in France in the 18th century.  Anemone coronaria means crown anemone, evoking regal associations.

In Hebrew, the anemone is calanit metzouya. “Calanit” comes from the Hebrew word “cala כלה” which means “bride“, “metzouya” means “common.” The calanit earned its name because of its beauty and majesty, evoking a bride on her wedding day.[6] In 2013 Anemone coronaria was elected as the national flower of the State of Israel, in a poll arranged by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (החברה להגנת הטבע) and Ynet.[7]    Anemone coronaria grows wild all over Israel, Palestine and Jordan.


Lumix G3 with 20 mm Lumix prime lens at f 2.2 and 2.8; natural light; processed in Lightroom


  1. “Balletic form”, I like that! What beauties they are. It’s the first time I take a closer look at a coloured variety. Where I come from in Sweden, the simple white “anemone nemorosa” is very common, and is one of the first wild flowers you see in spring. I remember once, after having moved abroad, one of my visits back home coincided with the time when they blossom. From the bus from the airport to Stockholm, I saw the ground covered in white, and all of a sudden got a teary eye. That’s when I realised I have some connection with them.
    And yes, flowers deserve that we stop to look at how they fade away too. A kind of birth in reverse.


  2. How lovely Lynn that you were able to enjoy these lovely anemone blooms as a result of a wrong delivery !! They never seem to be around for very long to buy here which is a great shame . Vibrant colours really sing out !


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