A Spring Miscellany and a few regrets

A haze of fresh greens in the woods behind the house…

Fallen blossoms, stream-side at a Japanese garden…

The tight curl of last season’s fern frond in the sunlight…

The elegant spears of a tiny blue flower at a native plant nursery…

Morning dew on the grasses at water’s edge…

A Lady fern unfurling across a weathered fence…

Willow and Cottonwood springing to life in a wetland park…

The softness of a willow catkin…

And the final petal of a Magnolia blossom, ready to fall…

Spring evolves so quickly – birds silent all winter already are singing incessantly, the cherry blossoms are almost gone now, the lilacs are in bud, and soon peonies and irises will startle us with their beauty. One aspect of the Pacific northwest climate I’ve come to appreciate is the long, cool Spring. On the east coast the weather warms up fast and steals Spring right out from under you.Β 

But even with cool temperatures extending the bloom time here, it still rushes by too quickly. I get neurotic about not taking it all in, not “having time” (as if time was something I could have!) to experience it with all my senses.Β  I roam ceaselessly – a Japanese garden, a native plant nursery, a nearby island, local parks – and take photos along the way. I rush too much. The photos disappoint.

But… what matters is that Spring carries itself forward with no help from me, it takes me along, and I do so love it. Β 


  1. The essence of Spring is distilled right here in your photos Lynn. I certainly don’t have the impression you rushed these πŸ™‚ Love the curled fern creeping up and over the fence … and soft catkin or Lambs tails .. thinking about that there are plenty of those to be seen in the fields bouncy spring lambs !
    You’re so right , each day something else unfolds or is just over and the moment has passed . A little corner of common land near me is a marker as to how far along we are in the season cowslips now … shortly it’ll be yellow rattle followed by knapweed onto to Summer …
    Lovely collection x


    • That fern frond was lovely, thanks for noticing. I did take a little time with that one, but too often feel I’m almost running from shot to shot! I love the English wildflower names you mention. Many of them have of course emigrated along with your countrymen, over the years. Knapweed, yes, and cowslips. Yellow rattle?? Love it, never heard of that one.


  2. Well…the photos didn’t disappoint me! I know what you mean, though. I’ll come back from a hike on which I made 200-300 photos and find only a couple of dozen that I consider “worthy.” I enjoy what you brought to us, though….and understand completely your wanting to be out there capturing it all. How wonderful that the first image is from your backyard, if that’s what you literally meant…what a backyard!


    • I’m enjoying your desert photos, Scott. The “backyard” is literally from the deck, into a small but lush patch of forest that surrounds the building on two sides. It’s very, very green! But traffic noise intrudes…you can’t have it all!


      • I think it would still be a treasure. Your description reminds me of one of my favorite trails in Utah, Little Cottonwood Canyon. The trail ran along the south side of the stream and the road into and through the canyon was on the north side of it…so while there was so much splendor to actually view, the vehicle noise was a little intrusive sometimes. You’re probably right…we can’t have it all!!


  3. I was going to comment on the Japanese garden photo, but then I was taken by the next, and the next. Lovely series, and if these disappoint you, I know it’s only because of the abundance of aching beauty you also would have liked to capture at this time of year. It is indeed hard to take it all in, but I just cherish every moment I can, as well.


  4. These are super Lynn.. You have a gift for taking the viewer into the natural environment you are photographing and sharing your own passion for nature.


  5. Such lovely words and pictures Lynn and I can relate so well to your sentiments! Trying to have it all sometimes and we never can.. so reminiscent of my recent travels. With limited time we want to see so much but how much do we miss rushing on to the next.. it’s a difficult equation to balance I feel. πŸ™‚


    • I bet you can relate! πŸ™‚ Nice to hear I’m not alone – well, I know that, but nice to hear nevertheless. Here’s to the unbalanced world and our valiant efforts to keep all the balls in the air equally!


  6. Beautiful pictures. I love all your close-ups, fascinating. And you’re right, spring goes by so fast, we have to catch the moment. Every moment. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


  7. Some of the photos (the ferns and the blue flowers) made me think that if Nature wasn’t so busy with gardening, she would be an excellent jewellery maker. Or hang on, perhaps the flowers ARE her jewellery? Yes, that must be it, now I get it. Thanks for always pointing to the beauty and wonder that we so easily just miss!


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