1. Beautiful look at both the greatness of spring and also the feel of just getting out and enjoying life. The 3rd and 5th shots are special ~ would make a great set/pair of shots hanging on a wall 🙂 Cheers ~


    • I was thinking of Southwest colors today – the greens here are beautiful, and I love that sharp, April, new leaf green, but sometimes it’s too much. The softer colors of the Southwest really draw me in. I am NOT complaining though!


      • Well, soon enough, the softer colors down here are going to be really pale with the dryness of the summer….and it’s good that you’re NOT complaining, though. 🙂


  2. It’s all out there if one cares to look … and you certainly do with care Lynne . Some beautiful macro shots with lovely framing . Love the snake’s head fritillary and the sunlit fallen blossom and the peek through the trees ….can smell the colour of Spring here 🙂


  3. Thanks for these lovely images. I’ve almost been to busy this year to fully appreciate the opening of the buds and flowers. More than makes up for it to see them through your lens.


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