You think you lack love,

or money,

your coffee is cold. Something is

wrong, there is suffering,


And the river

rushes downhill, leaf

buds burst green explosions, the

light came this morning, sure as ever,

and the dark is

on its way.

Children run, clouds gather and

disperse, and the wobbling, lovely world

pours rain and shines sunlight

on you.

Holds you fast

to its surface, cradles you

without plan or thought –


It is enough.



Β –


Photos taken at the Kruckeberg Botanical Garden in Seattle.


  1. I’ve looked Lynne … and found light in your images and your words . * wobbling lovely world … perfect
    The Botanical Gardens are a great source of inspiration for you πŸ™‚


    • My favorite too – that fern is not native as far a I know – I wonder what it is – it has a special sheen to it that makes it really look great in photos. I remember taking a photo of the same fern and bench three years ago. They sit well together!


  2. Well written…I felt that rollercoaster of emotions this morning as I tackled my Monday and came out to the sunny rain-washed morning in full glory here in the valley. It was so inspiring to see, that the world pressed it’s cheer right into me. Happy Monday!


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