At the Bellevue Botanical Garden, cherry trees in the woods are already shedding flower petals.


If you peer closely at the cherry blossoms you can see shadows stamens cast on the petals.

Gravel crunches underfoot; the trees glow in late afternoon light.

The stream shines with reflections of trees and sky.

The Japanese Pavilion gathers long shadows.

And…it’s time for coffee!







      • Only a few weeks to wait for spring. The first little flowers are looking out of the brown ground. It’s very hopefully. I enjoy it.
        Yes. Sometimes it’s a very small world. Nice!! πŸ˜‰
        Like your pictures.
        Thanks for charing. Have a nice day!!


  1. Lovely. Cherry/pear blossoms are some of my favorite flowers to image. I just came across a set of macros I did a number of years ago….maybe they’ll make an appearance this Friday…..along with the beginning of my 5-day B&W’s….. πŸ˜‰


  2. So beautiful! You caught that ethereal quality I always feel amongst the blooming cherries but I never seem to bring home in the camera. Thanks for giving me a fanciful walk in the magical park this morning…and ending with a deliciously imagined coffee… Perfection! πŸ™‚


  3. These are nice, Lynn. Gosh, I’ve got my eye on a few spots for Spring this season and I have to be careful to not wait too long with the early bloom. I”m super disoriented this year how soon everything is coming on. Ironically, I mostly enjoy the tail end of the climax. My favorite part of Spring are the trillions of blossoms coating the ground. It might last a little longer this season with the calm weather we’ve enjoyed….


    • True – don’t wait too long. But it seems to be holding, for now. How wonderful that you too love the blossoms on the ground – that was always a favorite thing of mine in New York, too, petals on the sidewalk – love it!


  4. An excellent feeling of spring with these photos, the budding and blossoming flowers are wonderful with the shallow DOF…and what makes this such a great series for me is the photo of “The stream shines with reflections of trees and sky…” give us a glimpse of how surreal this time of year can be. Great ending with the coffee…can’t go wrong there πŸ™‚


    • No, can’t go wrong with a good espresso, and it’s so easy to get that here – another local plus! The reflections are really fun to do – I have quite a few from the last few years. Thank you very much!

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      • Your comment makes me a little sad, as I head back into the interior of China this afternoon…and good coffee is not easy to find πŸ™‚

        Agree with reflection shots, although I think it is difficult to capture ones that really speak ~ you do that well. Cheers to a great weekend!


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    • You guys have been slammed. But your garden is safe under all that snow – I hope spring comes soon for you! It will be all the sweeter for the tedious winter you’ve endured. I was spoiled by the NY Botanical Garden and Wave Hill, a beautiful public garden where I used to work – you probably know it. I appreciate the Bellevue Botanical Garden, but I have favorite – and un-favorite – parts of it. Now I have to go see what you’re up to!


  6. I bet you found yourself showered with those little delicate Cherry tree petals Lynne ! The hedgerow awash with blossom froth is delightful …
    Such a lovely Spring post to find in my inbox πŸ™‚
    I’ll be back to see more …. the B & W challenge was very popular by the looks of it .. lots to catch up with !


  7. Just gorgeous, every one. I love your mention of the tiny details of shadows – I love to notice these kinds of things too!


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