Five Day Black and White Challenge: Day Four

August downpour

under the Highline.

New York.

Take cover?


take advantage?

Just a month earlier my son had returned from Afghanistan, safe and – well maybe not entirely sound, but certainly safe. It was time to celebrate. “Let’s take a walk on the Highline!” Then, a sudden summer downpour. We scrambled for shelter… perfect! Under the Highline we found a beer garden and a food truck selling dumplings. Most of us took cover, but not this man – I didn’t know who he was, but he sure made everyone smile, and does to this day, thanks to a lucky break with the camera. That’s my son in the background (3rd Battalion, 9th Marines; safe and sound today).

For day Four of the Five Day Black and White Challenge I thought something light would make a nice break in the routine – hence the handstand-in-the-rain photo – enough seriousness! 🙂

I invite Brandon Brasseaux to join the challenge today. I just found his blog, When This Becomes There, via FATman Photos, another great blog. Brandon, if you want to do it, just post five black and white photos, and each time you post, invite someone else (this could go on, and on…).  If you can’t do five days running, well, neither could I.  I’m just doing them as often as I can. If you hate blog challenges, I understand!

One more day to go for me, with the black and whites – after that, I’m eager to post photos of the incredible pinks I’m seeing here, as spring blossoms early.




  1. What a happy, fun moment for you and your son. I admire your quick thinking and your steady hands – it’s the perfect shot! And yes, a big thank you to your son for his service to our country. Take care, and enjoy those early blossoms…I’m a little jealous!


  2. Cannot wait for color to return. Enough of this dreary black and white already, though I loved your shot, it could have used some color! (Just my humble opinion, of course.)

    The shot reminded me of springtime in Boston when I was still in my teens… a sudden downpour had me twirling in Boston’s Common (park) with a skirt that flared quite nicely. A fond memory.


    • Nice memory! The sudden storms, the intensity – it’s much more common on the east coast than here, that’s for sure. Gee, I should send you the color version! 😉 Always good to hear from you – straight-shooter!

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  3. This is a very different type of photographic shot from your earlier choices but illustrates well an important point of advice for all photographers; ‘Be prepared. Seize the moment.’


  4. What an amazingly cool shot, so lucky to have something like this in your catalog/portfolio, though you seem like a pretty accomplished photographer so I suppose you have plenty of keepers. But this is just one of those that falls under the magical category! Neat that your son is in it, too. Does he live back east?


    • I know I’ve gotten better since I moved to PNW-land. Thank you for the compliment! True, that was a magical day. Recently, when he got out, he made his way here to visit. We hadn’t seen each other for a few years! And guess what – he loves it here and is staying. At least for now! (Your own love for your sons rings loud and true in your writing, and it always warms my heart.)


  5. What a great shot. I’d bet it could win a slice of life contest somewhere. Since it’s fun, I usually would’ve thought it would be better in color, but in this case, I love how the black & white focuses the viewer on the rain in the air and the drops hitting the puddled ground, and removes some of the busyness to focus on the expressions. I also really like your son’s striped shirt and laughter, and he might have been upstaged and missed in color.


    • What I realized was that the color was distracting – there are bits and pieces of it all over the image, but not in a way that draws you to the subject. So I tried it in B&W and thought it worked. Yes, the back ground is terribly busy. I tried different processing and chose this exactly because it emphasizes the raindrops and wetness. My son has an infectious love of fun, that’s for sure. Thanks for your perceptive comments!

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