Five Day Black and White Challenge: Day Three


America’s southwest is studded with impressive rock formations; on a huge scale there’s the Grand Canyon, and then there are lesser known places like this, Texas Canyon in southeastern Arizona.

This sensual playground of sculptural rocks with the expansive desert landscape in the distance, is as aesthetically satisfying to me as a great minimalist installation at an art gallery. (But here you get to smell and touch!) I came to Texas Canyon to see the Amerind Foundation, which draws visitors to this remote location because of its comprehensive, yet intimate collection of the archeology and art of America’s first peoples. Inside, the museum is a feast of art and artifacts by people of varied traditions who lived in the Americas before Europeans arrived. Outside on the grounds, the weathered granite boulders of Texas Canyon are perhaps as powerful an experience as the visions inside.

Time was too short that afternoon. I walked through the rocks, clambered on them for better views, peered at bits of stubborn vegetation, and of course, took photographs. I’ll post more of them soon.

I’d like to invite Alan of Pixtera to join the Five Day Black and White Challenge today. He does beautiful work – clean, strong and often surprising. I understand if he decides not to do the challenge, but to keep going his own way. Do take a look at his site.



  1. It’s uncanny to me, the way the pattern of the cloud formations are so utterly synchronous with the shape of the shrubby desert trees in the foreground. It makes for a really pleasing image! Out of curiosity, while you were clambering around on the rocks, was it necessary to keep a close eye out for snakes? One of my goals for this Spring is to shoot a little in eastern Washington, on the other side of the Cascades, and the subject of rattlesnakes has come up a few times in my research. Not that it’s necessarily a big bugaboo for me. Seeing your desert images naturally brought to my mind the subject of snakes.


  2. A fascinating collection of contrasting textures and rhythms in this picture – the grasses, the bushes, the rocks and, of course, the ‘swaying’ clouds. It is an image full of interest.


  3. I’ve finally found the time to catch up with your Challenge – and a great set of photos you posted too! This one is my favourite though – I really like the minimalism of it as well as the combination of shapes and textures.


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