This is the eastern edge of the Stillwater Unit of the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.Β  It’s about 450 acres of river valley habitat, bordered by farms, woods and a small town or two. Thirty miles from Seattle, this pretty lowland area is often flooded by the Snoqualmie River, which runs through it. The morning fog may not burn off until after noon.

Decades ago the Fish and Wildlife folks planted fields here, maintaining the land to attract wildlife. Pheasants bred on game farms are released every fall for a two month hunting season. Other wild birds and animals are hunted too, so I don’t venture too far from the road this time of year – hunting season could still be on for one bird or another. This week when I took these photos, I heard a pheasant in the field – a survivor! A flock of ducks rose from a pond out in the field and a kinglet flitted through the branches under mossy trees.

I appreciate the preservation of habitat that happens as a consequence of hunting but personally, I wouldn’t hunt unless I needed the food. The day job keeps enough money coming is so that I can buy all my food at stores. Once a vegetarian, these days I do eat meat, so you can call me a hypocrite, since I pay others to kill for me. In the “wisdom” that inheres in our times and keeps us separate from the land and our food sources, there is hunger for a stronger connection to the life force. So I go out stalking the wild photograph…



  1. Wonderfully atmospheric Lynn. Beautiful photographs. I wouldn’t call you a hypocrite. This is just the way of things. I dont’ like to think about where my food has come from but if I needed to hunt to feed myself I would of course. Hunting for sport is something else again. I can’t ever imagine going out and killing animals for fun. That’s not my idea of a good time. Shooting with a camera of course really is. πŸ™‚


  2. Wonderful mood and atmosphere, I love the fog! I used to hike some local trails around a lake year round but this season, there seem to be so many more hunters, I don’t feel safe…makes me very sad!


  3. Trees look so stately appearing through misty fog … love the catch of ? green lichens I presume on the smaller shrubs underneath I guess those pheasants and other game hideout . This would also fit the WPC theme *serene* this week very well Lynne .
    I’m betting you had to hold your breath in order to take gorgeous water droplets πŸ™‚ I seem to knock and disturb so many compositions like that Lol
    The desert calleth you … how splendid … I always enjoy those galleries of yours ! Have great trip .


  4. Many times when out birding (birdwatching), I thought how wonderful it was to be on the hunt and never have to experience the sadness of finding my prey.


  5. I too was vegetarian for many years and have recently found myself eating more meat again. I struggle with the way in which we raise things to kill them and how they are treated when raised for consumption and also the inefficient use of resources in that game. In many ways I respect hunting more, and providing land for it provides so many other good things. But I haven’t done it myself. I would if I truly needed to eat. It’s oh-so-strange to be a human and have ‘higher’ thoughts about how we fulfill our physical needs. Lovely photographs you hunted down! πŸ™‚


  6. I just love your photos. You capture the natural beauty of your environment and many of the images are so expressive. I’m catching up on posts I’ve missed and each one is fantastic…thank you for sharing with us.


  7. Hunting/ killing animals with a gun is dreadful thing for most people. When we spread certain animals that can breed rapidly in the wild, it could lead them to their shortage of food sources in an environment that is not balanced with extensive habitat. Perhaps more prudent is to capture some of them alive and then move it to other game reserve.

    I enjoyed all of the stunning pictures you have taken and share them with us. you wrote brilliantly !


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