“Always even-tempered, he spent most of his time out of doors, going on long expeditions

even in the worst of weather, or when it was fine sitting on a camp stool

somewhere near the house in his white smock, a straw hat on this head

painting watercolors. When he was thus engaged

he generally wore glasses with gray silk tissue in the lenses in the frames

so that the landscape appeared through a fine veil that muted its colours,

and the weight of the world dissolved before your eyes.”

From Austerlitz by W.G. Sebold



Hovering between polarities, I am attracted to both the highly detailed, intimate close-up and the blurred, indistinct image with no focal point.

The quote seems to dwell at the fog-drenched end of the spectrum, but maybe not – those tissue-covered lenses may allow a few details to be picked out of the veil.




  1. An interesting quote Lynn. I like both these approaches, the detail and the veiled abstract. I love the use of such a shallow depth of field in the second image giving us both detail and the suggestion of it. 🙂


  2. I think you’re right Lynne always a few details will filter through and I too like the shallow DOF here .
    The idea … maybe we should try it 😉


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