After a crazy, hectic week and a crazy, hectic December, I only have time for a quick review of some favorite images from the past year. I’d like to include favorite poems –  and wouldn’t it great to include links to favorite posts I’ve seen on other blogs this year – but that will have to wait. For now, in more or less chronological order:





  1. Happy New Year Lynne ! Extraordinarily beautiful images of your world … from small details abstracted to the grandest of views .
    It won’t be long until Nature will be unfolding with renewal of Spring time and you’ll be uncovering it for us to enjoy through your photos and poems .
    Wonderful 🙂

    • As always you are very generous. Will this be the year I get over to England? I don’t know, but sometime…and spring will be welcome, wherever we are. Happy 2015 to you!

  2. A lovely collection Lynne! I love the range these images represent from macro to landscape and lots in between all beautifully executed. A superb collection. Looking forward to lots more beautiful images and words in 2015! 🙂

    • Well, I really lack focus – it’s just who I am. I’m all over the place. So thanks for framing that in a positive way. 🙂 You and Poppy are so kind. Best 2015 to you, for sure!

  3. What a grand finale! Your photos are such a joy to behold, Blue. Best wishes for 2015. (Not sure if this will come through – I will return with a new persona) -M

  4. a year of eye candy. thanks for sharing! all of them are striking in their own right – but there is something magical about the cloudbank enveloping those trees…. wishing you all the very best for 2015!

  5. A fabulous collection as ever Lyn and absolutely nothing wrong with your wonderful eye, always on the watch out, being “all over the place.” It’s the stuff that fattens out the reality of life and you do it so beautifully. Happy New Year wishes to you for more good things to come!

  6. I adore all of your nature shots, Lynn, but then you already know I’m a big fan. A wonderful gallery and synopsis of your year. May you have much happiness and many more beautiful photos in 2015. 🙂

  7. I simply love your style (all over the place!) It never gets boring and it’s hard to settle on any particular image I love best… hoping to see so much more in this coming year. Wishing you and yours the best!

  8. Your photograph are truly masterful, blubrightly. But such a collection is too much for me. I feel I have to take rests between them. They are overwhelming… But let me thank you here, for your continuous peaks through the year. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog. Have a very beautiful and satisfying year, filled with those things you love.

    • Too kind! I know what you mean by it being too much – I only do this once a year! 😉 It is a pleasure to visit your blog as well and I have been missing it, being so preoccupied with my job. Best to you for 2015, much creative work and play!

  9. It was definitely a great year for you ~ the clouds moving into the trees is just an amazing shot, my favorite (among so many great shots). Wish you more in ’15. Cheers!

      • Yes, and I really need to take advantage and get out and shoot when I am back here…although as I think you well know, it is tough to shoot ~ to get that great shot, to get that shot that you have 🙂 Cheers!

  10. Happy New Year!! These photos are stunning 🙂 I don’t think you meant to as this post was simply meant to be a recap of the year, and it’s probably just my mind playing tricks on me, but I felt like a lot of these photos were very inspiring and it was like they were all individually wishing a happy new year 😀 hope you find great inspiration in 2015 as well.

  11. Absolutely superlative. What a brilliant and dazzling array. Some of those macros and abstracts took my breath away, they were so striking. Beautiful variety- every moment so well-composed, so beautiful and engaging. Loved every single one. Well-done, indeed. Happy 2015 to you!

    smiling toad

  12. Seems you had quite a spectacular year, filled with beauty and light! Breathtaking images indeed! Now that the holidays are over, I hope to finally catch up with my blog reading…Happy New Year to you!

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