For decades I’ve been interested in shadows. The first photo below was taken about ten years ago. The next one, in the 70’s.

Wikipedia says a shadow is an area where light from a light source is obstructed by an object. I’ve always perceived shadows as objects themselves – the traces left by objects being as important as the original objects.

Shadows on window shades from the 70’s:


What trace does the leaf leave? A muddled one, bent by the contours of another shape, or maybe a crisply delineated form, true to the original. Lacking the leaf’s color and texture, the shadow allows my gaze to rest in the leaf’s basic form.

Below, shadows on the Experience Music Project building in Seattle, from a few years ago. Shadows of the tree’s branches and leaves wave across the building’s undulating forms.


Palm tree shadows on a building in Wilmington, North Carolina, about 5 years ago. Repeating forms are in the fan-shaped fronds with their spear leaves and the building elements – the steps, banisters – and the shadows among them.

Leaf upon leaf: which is more real?

Shadow shapes and metal shapes – an interplay:

No imperfect or faint representation, the shadow often carries as much visual interest – for me –  as the thing itself.

Each can be apprehended without reference to the other, immediately.

The shadow though, carries a bit of mystery along with it, the slight obscuring of form that allows a dream…


  1. You ask of the leaf upon leaf which is real? Your brilliant shadows reflect so beautifully the detail and mystery of the games light plays, and what a stunner in your brilliant final shot!


  2. So transitory … another world can encroach upon us with beauty or menace … your lovely shadow play photos are intriguing Lynne !


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