or put

together, word(s) to dwell


In a dark place

on the

northern hemisphere’s

calendar, a


a possibility –




by focusing


the tense boundaries of





THANK YOU for your work, which inspires and lifts me daily. Thanks too for you comments, which I lap up with the greed of a dog, spent from a long run.






  1. I’m really glad I don’t have to choose as to whether I think the words or photographs are the most beautiful. Today though, the words give me goosebumps. Thank you for sharing your art with us, I am grateful for experiencing it.

    • Most of the photos from that day (last weekend) weren’t as good as I’d hoped. But the words came and I made something work anyway. How terrific that you got that little shiver!

  2. You capture the mood of this season so well. I could simply disappear into that first pond shot (after the header). Your words caught me in surprise and had me thinking. Your posts are always something worth lingering over…

  3. Lovely Thanksgiving words and pictures Lynne I hope you enjoyed your celebrations small or otherwise . Families seems to have shrunk as it were and many living vast distances from each other in some cases so it’s not always I’m sure the great jamboree I envision , same here with Christmas .
    I’m all late … I know … but such a calm start to my Monday morning here scrolling down through your blues and greens light and shadows …

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