After rain.

The sun angles

for a November kind of heat –

and finds it



Japanese maples.



Fallen leaf

dries out

and rests.


The blushing pink skin

of a hybrid lily

sings of


in the fall garden.


Dainty Fuchsia,

sturdy Camellia,

winsome anemone –

all pretty,

but no match


blazing maple leaves

feathering the air

with garnet hues.



Swirling waters

at their feet




High up,

a hummingbird

owns the territory. I have


the rear view – a ball

of shiny feathers,

stick-sharp legs

and beak.



Bellevue Botanical Garden, Bellevue, Washington.

Some plants:

Acer palmatum           1st photo

Acer palmatum ‘Elegans’  leaf caught in Miscanthus sinensus ‘Yaku Jima’ grass             2nd photo

Acer macrophyllum (Big Leaf Maple)           3rd photo

lily x Amarcrinum             4th photo

Fuschia ‘Margaret Pilkington’           5th photo

Camellia sasanqua ‘Hana Jiman’           6th photo

Anemone x hybrid ‘Honorine Jobert’           7th photo

Acer palmatum ‘Garnet’           8th photo

Rufous Hummingbird           last photo



    • Yeah, ain’t he cute? You have more color where you live, but we do have enough – just not surrounded by it to the same degree as you. I bet you’ve had some great days on the water lately.


  1. So vivid .. your photos and words Lynn !
    Some lovely effects here within your images … gorgeous … here’s to a little more sunshine in November !


  2. This gallery of photos and your words are really lovely, Lynn. That first picture is stunning, and some of those flower shots are so ethereal. They beckon you to come into another realm, of romance and whimsy. 🙂


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