So many rainy days.

But still







It’s important

on rainy days

to punctuate




Photos taken with a Samsung S4, near Seattle.


  1. A little snow here today, but I was too busy to get my camera out. It’s the grey season for sure, but there are so many pleasures in it too. this is a lovely set. Now I’m wishing for a nice coffee but it’s a bit late so I think I’ll settle for tea!


    • A little snow can be a very pretty thing! Soon you’ll be back taking those incredible photos of seeds and such….you’re someone who inspires the rest of us to find beauty in gray seasons….thank you for that. (Re tea – I love my Barry’s Irish tea in the morning, straight up.)


    • We have to look a little harder sometimes, but most of those leaves were at my feet in a parking lot! Then it’s just a matter of taking the time to grab the phone (which is already in your hand probably!) and take a few pictures. Easier than you trips to the beach, but I sure hope I get to your beach one of these days. In any weather.


      • Oddly enough, I don’t have a phone that takes pics (though there’s a point ‘n shoot I rarely remember to grab). The Canon Rebel goes with me whenever I’m at all removed from civilization and the trips to the beach are relatively easy and required for relaxation and to get my butt moving. Would love to see what your fresh eyes might do with my beach! 😀


    • I don’t know if that’s because you’re now living in a place that doesn’t have a “decidously pretty” fall, or because you may forget to stop and see them…either way, glad you enjoyed these!


  2. Coffee is such a pleasant stabiliser and motivator, and so good to share here with you Lyn, so happy it stopped you in your tracks for these gorgeous shots. You take brilliant shots anyway but rain is something we usually rush through forgetting that it has its rewards.


    • Here in Seattle you’ve got to figure how to make lemonade out of that rain. Summers are incredibly dry and sparkling and perfect, but for 3/4 of the year there are plenty of drizzly days. I think many Seattleites love it, perversely.


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