Rain sped the inevitable breakdown of

leaf, stem and


this week.

A walk in a wet forest near

a rushing stream today



What was once upright, now sags,

reaching to earth. What

was once entire is now



to be broken up:

food for fungi,

the soil gods


one worships.




It can be a difficult beauty,

this rot,

refusing to satisfy

any desire

for perfection. And


is perfection,







Photos taken 11/2/14 at Youngs Creek Falls, near Monroe, Washington with a Lumix G3 and Super Takumar 50mm f/1.4 lens, processed with Lightroom and OnOne.


    • Thanks Ken – it’s not Fireweed and I didn’t linger long enough, or pay close enough attention to check out what it was. I liked that one a lot, too so I’m glad to hear your comment.

      • Never heard that term, however in my world your words were spot on, I read them as there is no right and wrong, no set rules for what is perfect, everything is already an expression of perfection in its splendid what we might perceive as ‘imperfection’ 🙂

  1. We all seem to be hunting out and finding the seasonal changes Lynn … I could happily have walked alongside you for this . Lovely melancholy monochrome images .

    • Can’t wait to see what you’re up to – have had NO TIME during the week, which leaves just enough time to get out and take pictures and post on the weekend, so I am behind! But I’ll be there…

  2. “sped,” — trans. verb, from Old English “spowan” — to prosper or succeed. This alternate meaning tickles me. Water is life, growth, and decay. Decay gives new life. The absence of water clarifies this mightily in our minds. Water and fungi, soil gods, are mightily worshipped here, in California, on this day.

  3. I love these images! What drew me to them was that they’re monochrome. I’m not accustomed to seeing photos of nature in monochrome, but when I do, I find them to be striking. I especially like the second one because of the light.

    • One thing that brought that light out on the dried fern was using OnOne software – it’s way easier than Photoshop but still has a lot of flexibility. I’m having fun with it.

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