Foggy Island Saturday

On a recent Saturday – a blue, high-ceiling day –

I rode the ferry to Whidbey Island, where

the main road traces a curvy spine –

climbing and dropping,

climbing and dropping.

With no views

of malls.

It’s a world apart.

On the island’s west shore, a narrow strip of land fronts Admiralty Bay

(a bay that connects Puget Sound and Seattle to the Salish Sea and the great Pacific Ocean beyond).

It drew me in for a look.

Where the rock-strewn beach hooks westward,

a ferry idled in the fog. Fishermen gazed into dark waters.

Behind the driftwood-littered shore,

a marshy lake: its wet, salty earth stained red with Glasswort (Salicornia).

Known as Pickleweed and Samphire, the odd little vegetable is harvested

and eaten

around the world.


Grasses criss-crossed in the field, like a finely etched engraver’s plate.



On the road to Ebey’s Landing, fog,

thick as cotton, smudged a hillock of Douglas fir

behind an old farmhouse.

Bicyclists stopped for pictures.

Round the curve, down the hill…

park the car, step onto the beach…


I walked alone up the beach.

I found another wetland there, shrouded

in fog rolling in

from the Salish sea,

softening the colors

so subtly.




On the beach side, driftwood giants

rose up –

sky, land, sea,

wood, grass, rock –

all one.

Water is the common denominator –

mighty bull whip kelp sloshed

back and forth,

back and forth,

slowly washing up onto land.

Fog silvered the water.


It all left me





    • The textures were beautiful, and the fog made the colors so subtle and harmonious. There was a bank of fog on the water that was amazing, but the photos didn’t turn out so well. Overall though, a day of gorgeous sights and great photo opps!


  1. I always find it impossible to pick a favorite from your many great shots Lyn but something about the giant driftwood on the beach took my breathe away – the life in those beautiful twists and frozen turns!


  2. What a spot you found to explore Lynn ! I think we are both intrigued by much the same details in the landscape . I love that description of YOUR wispy grasses … *criss crossed *like a finely etched engravers plate .
    Layers of bleached softness … driftwood heaps … starry moss … so much to enjoy on this walk . Lovely series indeed .


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