1. Oh, we are feeling the pull over here, on the other side of the country! Sorry to see summer end. But your photos are a consolation (and gorgeous!) Greetings from Playrideland, where the rides operate only on weekends now. Just watched an empty log ride plunge into the pool– nobody there to scream!


    • Playrideland!! 🙂 Wow, that’s what my son called it when he was really young and didn’t know any better. Did I already tell you that? I don’t think so but my memory is poor. Yes, you’re over there on the sound aren’t you? I’m sure you have lots of gorgeous, crisp fall days coming. I have a vague memory of a park near Iona with nicely spaced trees. Nice to hear from you!

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      • Yes, we always call it Playrideland now– and we always think of you and your son when we paddle by there. (You did tell us, long long ago, when you recognized our coordinates.)
        We’ll have to look for that park near Iona College! The cool crisp, apple-picking days will get here soon enough, I suppose, but this weekend treated us to 82 degrees and nice warm water to practice our rolling. Some color in the trees here and there; and Playrideland is open only on weekends, with few takers, now that school has started. Recently paddled up there and watched the rider-less “log flume” from our kayaks. Sigh!


      • I agree, but that happens when we are looking for a photograph rather than looking and seeing an object and photographically interpreting what we see. There is a significant difference in purpose and outcome.


    • Oh, there is SUCH beauty in that decline and disorganization. Everything gets mixed up and just falls all over everything else. I love it! Thanks for your comment – now over to you – I know I have a new one in my inbox and I’ve saved it for a time when I have more than a few seconds!


  2. Great impressions of autumn in a lovely light and setting, Lynn! I love autumn leaves as along as they are not on the patio …
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Dina & co


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