Over the Border

I just returned from a brief trip across the border into Canada. We stayed in Vancouver, and explored in and around the city.

I wandered through the Museum of Anthropology UBC (University of British Columbia), the extensive UBC Botanical Gardens, and the Nitobe Memorial Garden, a fine traditional Japanese garden.  We spent a delightful afternoon watching ferries take passengers to Vancouver Island from Horseshoe Bay and clambering over the rocks Whtyecliff Park, for a beautiful view of the sound.  Yesterday I drove up the scenic Sea to Sky Highway towards Whistler, stopping at Shannon Falls and the little town of Squamish.  And the Airbnb where we stayed was right across the street from Sunset beach in downtown Vancouver, where the annual Celebration of Light fireworks provided a fabulous finale to the trip.

Needless to say, there are loads of photos and they’ll take time to get through. Here are just a few:








British Columbia license plates say “Beautiful British Columbia” on them. So true, and we only scratched the surface. I can’t wait to go back!


1) A totem at the Museum of Anthropology, UBC

2) A traditional bell tower outside the Nitobe Memorial Garden on the UBC campus

3) Downtown Vancouver, shot from the car with my phone

4) Shannon Falls, on the Sea to Sky Highway outside Vancouver

5) The Horseshoe Bay marina

6) Howe Sound and Vancouver Island from the side of road on the Sea to Sky Highway

7) A lifeguard boat at Sunset Beach in Vancouver (yes, palm trees in Canada!)

The header (top photo above the title) is Whytecliff Park, northwest of Vancouver.


  1. Can tell we are in for more of a treat Lynn already !
    Love the Shannon Falls cascading down those blue rocks … and the layered colours through Howe Sound and beyond …
    I’m so glad I put on my specs to read your post properly … I was a trifle concerned about this here little town named Squeamish 😀


    • The rocks behind the falls, and in that region – are gorgeously smooth and steep. Layers is exactly what I was thinking about many of the landscapes I saw there – exactly. Squeamish! No, it was pretty soothish….all the mountains around and the sounds and everyone involved in the outdoors.


  2. Vancouver is such a wonderful city and landscape. Your view here is so lovely, Lynn. I look forward to this series, especially since I’ve traveled to many of these places.


    • I bet you have – I was thinking of you, especially as we sped home through the fields south of Vancouver and into Washington, and the blurry golds and greens and blues zipped by. I think I got one or two decent ones – different from yours, but you’ll like them I think.


    • Work calls!! Hopefully I’ll get to some this week…many kayakers out there, but the people kayaking in the middle of an incredibly crowded, boat-filled narrow channel getting ready to see he fireworks – scary!! Pitch black at the end, and so many big boats being driven by folks under the influence of who knows what! Then there were the solitary kayaks deep in some hidden inlet north of Vancouver – you must come!


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  4. Vancouver has such a stunning setting between the sea and the mountains but I’ve never liked its skyline for some reason but when one disregards all the ugly condos it is a feast for the eyes.


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