• That’s funny – it makes me think of a very long time ago, when I tried being a docent at the NY Botanical Garden Conservatory. It’s a huge, amazing place. I love it. But oh how I hated doing that. I was so irritated at people’s superficial reactions, and there was no way or time to respond if anyone had a deeper reaction. Leading tours through the conservatory brought together two loves – plants and conveying information and wonder, but it didn’t satisfy. This seems to work better for me. It’s really not so different, is it? (Much later I was a grunt there, weeding beds, watering and getting stuck in the rear with cactus spines. I liked that better. And taking Botanical Illustration classes there – heaven!).


    • And this was just a few Hoya filters (2x and 4x) stacked together. It’s tricky, getting usable shots, but if you keep trying, some of them work. Do that! I think it would be great. Especially now, when there are so many busy insects around.


  1. Fantastic photos! It’s like you break a tabou with the photo of the pink rose (?) that has turned brown. Funny, I have now an old brownish flower bouquet in a basket in the garden, waiting to be thrown away. Yesterday I was tempted to make a photo but didn’t, perhaps I should reconsider. Oh, and the blue ones with the hungry insects, they are amazing!


    • Yes, go do it. There are photographers out there who make stunning photos of flowers past their prime. Sometimes it does just look like a mess, though! Thanks for your thoughts.


  2. Outstanding pictures Lynn ! With so many flower photographs it would be easy to become blase about seeing more … yours truly are delightful . The blue *sigh … the baby pinks … and the heat in the top flower I’ve quite forgotten the name of .. the seedhead of the Allium ? looking like some giant biological virus … so much to enjoy . Thank you 🙂


    • The B&W? That’s an Allium seed head, one of the very ornamental ones. and I can’t think of which one. Sometimes I wonder about posting “more flower pictures” but the fact is, I love spending time with flowers or plants of any kind, and I love photographing them. If you work a little, you can find something different, or worth looking at. thanks!


      • So true Lynn and you show us that fact well . I think then perhaps it’s an Allium Christophii .. if I’m wrong am sure someone will say 😉


  3. OK, my favorites are the yin and yang bees and, the last shot, in black and white which made me think of a space event, maybe the birth of a galaxy (if there is such a thing).


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