A smart phone lens.

Had to buy a new phone, gotta play with it.

Sitting at home, peering out at the forest through blue glass,

in traffic in Seattle, looking up at a construction site, with and without equipment,

and casting about inside the car for something to photograph:

a blurred bump as I put my foot on the gas.


  1. It is always a great adventure, trying out a new camera. And it doesn’t seem much of a difference if it’s on a phone… or a toy… I’ve had many such adventures. In a way, for a while at least, it releases us from old habits and expectations. And we can take ourselves a little let seriously… Like the pictures you’ve shared with us here.


  2. I agree with Shimon wholeheartedly. Thanks for sharing Lynn! 🙂 I’ve been meaning to ask have I spelt your name correctly or do you have an ‘e’ on the end..?


  3. You’ve reminded me what fun I had with the old point ‘n shoot. Perhaps I ought to put a battery back in it. (Haven’t found a good reason to be paying that monthly fee for a smart phone just yet.) Love all the playful shots you have here.


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