It looks like someone took a little nibble from this skunk cabbage leaf – it’s tightly twisted, new leaves must be really fresh.  But personally, I wouldn’t go for it!  Local indigenous people did find a use for the plant though – they used skunk cabbage leaves, which can get really huge, for lining baskets and such.

It’s another Photo Challenge from Word Press – the challenge: images with TWIST! More here!



  1. It’s certainly pretty with it’s well-defined leaves and curls. I’ve heard of skunk cabbage somewhere before. It looks edible enough. Chuckle… I guess, if you’re a skunk. A good photo of it too.

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  2. This fresh twist of green leaf almost leapt of the page BB !
    Reminds me of good old plain English lettuce … and then … memories come flooding back of soggy tomato and lettuce sandwiches …


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