Staring down at water lily leaves after rain…

Surely it’s spring, even without green!

For some people, especially those struggling with depression or those who lost a loved one at this time of year, spring can be a hard season. Someone whose personal world is drained of color and hope can feel even more alienated by all the renewal and rejoicing going on.

So this is a reminder to be aware of people nearby who may be struggling, and to allow them their space – and maybe to gently suggest that a world seemingly drained of color can have it’s own beauty.

And it’s temporary, everything is.

Many images of Spring that may strike your fancy: WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.


  1. So true, that the intensity of colours, sunshine and “supposed joy” can be a pressure. This image is soothing, putting off the pressure. What a sensible take on the spring theme!


    • I think so – it’s obvious that it’s a beautiful time, but sometimes one’s feelings are not in synch with that. FOr me, lately it’s a little mixed, but not bad at all, really – good to hear from you Patti!


  2. I do love a spring rain when I’m feeling down or grieving though. Especially if it’s tapping on my roof while I’m still in bed. Or I’m caught under an awning waiting out a downpour. I love what you’ve done here, thinning the image to match that removed feeling…when the color just can’t touch your soul for a time.


  3. Oh how I love and appreciate a unique perspective. This post is awesome for its very sensitivity, for the very reminder that there are times in our life when our world feels devoid of color. It is important to recognize those periods rather sweep them under our collective carpet.


  4. So very true and how thoughtful of you to post this. My mother, who suffered from clinical depression for years, once said that she felt like she was covered in a dark cloud all the time. So many people struggle with this. Your image is so beautiful and so full of spring. Lovely tones and details.


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