The Soft Light of an April Afternoon








These photographs were taken on the Snowqualmie Valley Regional Trail in Duvall, Washington. The 31 mile trail passes through a lush agricultural valley, with the Cascade Range to the east.  Bordered by tall native trees and very level, it’s a favorite of dog walkers, joggers and mountain bikers.  Rivers and streams that are important for salmon weave through this valley, and many of the local farms here are certified “Salmon Safe” – a farm program that protects habitat for salmon.

Herbs, specialty vegetables, Christmas trees, blueberries, and native plants are some of the crops you might see from the trail.  But these photos were taken right on the trail, where native plants are common – there are bracken ferns, Big Leaf Maples, wild cherries and maybe, hiding in plain sight, a few harmless snakes out sunning themselves.



    • I would love to be able to afford one, but not yet! But you’re right, something different is going on – it’s a set of Hoya filters that magnify, and I stacked a 2x and a 4x together. I don’t know if you’ve ever used them – they’re like poor man’s macros – you have to get close to the subject, and there’s lots of distortion, but you can get good effects. I’m eager to play with them some more.


  1. These are so wonderfully atmospheric, Lynn! What is the plant in the fifth photo from the top? It evokes an image of a flock of baby hummingbirds…


    • It’s moss, close up! Those are the sporophytes and it’s probably a really common moss called Red Roof Moss, that grows everywhere. What an idea – a flock of baby hummingbirds! Makes me think of that hummingbird cam we used to watch.


  2. Oh .. each of these photos is a beauty … seeing through your lens these exquisite tiny details is so lovely BB … you really show your connection with the natural world . Infused with April’s soft light indeed .
    … now … the softly tied knot through the wire is very intriguing … yes … I feel thrown back in time …. one glorious summer … dancing ’til dawn …


    • Yes! What fun to follow your words following my images! 🙂
      I did a series of the knotted rags on the barbed wire fence – they’re back there somewhere – I’ll have to dig them up and get them out again.


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