Seeing Through to…





This isn’t the colorful, spring-inspired look you might expect to see this time of year.

Grasses have not grown high yet; the places where they dominate are still brown with last year’s tattered remains.

At a local preserve, a plexiglass sign lost it’s text, creating a dirty window into the grassy field beyond.

The contrast between the grass itself and grass obscured by scratched plexiglass interested me.

(Maybe I should have photographed the bear scat we saw on the path, too).

Also seen that day,

Moss and petals:


A tight fist of unfurling Bracken fern:


And trees blessed by lichens and moss:




  1. * found – in – the – field – layer * I like the way you’ve kept the faded… nature past her sell by date impressions in your processing BB


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