We’re almost into April,

but before we leave this month behind I want to mention

the waters of March –

They have been plentiful

here in the Pacific Northwest – in fact,

too plentiful.

Many of you have heard about the mudslide in Oso, Washington

which has claimed

24 lives, and counting.

Some people will probably never be recovered –

the waters of March

having swept them away.

Images from past years,

of water

in March:



I heard one of my favorite songs on the local jazz station today –

Susannah McCorkle’s rendition ofΒ  Jobim’s “The Waters of March.”

Susannah was a musician’s musician, known for her sensitivity and her exacting work ethic.

For many years she sang in Manhattan,

and one spring day

she jumped out of her window there

and killed herself.

We can talk about despair, suicide,

and song.

But maybe it’s best to

let Susannah

do the talking:

Susannah McCorkle’s The Waters of March


A good article about her was published in New York Magazine, if you are curious about her life.

NY Times obituary.


Photo locations:

Stream – Washington Arboretum, Seattle, March, 2013

Icy Branch – Long Island, NY, March, 2010

Sandy Beach – Topsail Island, NC, March, 2009

Rocky Beach – Camano Island, WA, March, 2013

City Street – Manhattan, NY, February, 2011

Desert Reflection – Joshua Tree National Park, CA, March 2014



  1. oh my’ – one never knows the quiet desperation in others. what a sad story. i hoped that the internet would be fast enough to open the links, but no. it’s stubborn tonight.

    tomorrow i will be going out of town and will have faster internet in the evening…

    header image is my favorite!



    • It’s true, many people hide a lot of sadness – her closest family and friends said even they only saw her real feelings when she sang. It’s great to hear from you, Lisa, and I know the connection is often frustrating so I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Hope you found a faster one on Friday. Have a good weekend!


  2. A delightful collection. I particularly like the crispness of the first image and the mesmeric patterning in the still waters of the second.
    The very sad news of the landslide has featured prominently in news bulletins here.


    • It’s interesting to hear that the mudslide news made it to England as more than a footnote. We were planning to drive in that general direction last weekend but after that, no, we went another way!


  3. I actually thought of you and other blogger friends in that area, Lynn, on the tragic news of the mud slide. I enjoyed the photos in this series, and your words. My favourite is the icy branch.


    • Oh thanks Lynne! It’s about 25 miles north of me, but we go there every now and then – the road that was buried is a beauty. I have a photo of a moss covered shack from Oso – I saw it on the side of the road and stopped. I think it was above the slide area so may still be there, growing even more moss in this wet spring weather. It will be a long time before I can go look for it. The icy branch was such a cool find – a wacky weather thing I guess.


  4. This is a very moving post, reminding me to send compassion to the families of those affected by the mudslide. Again, very nice photos. The segue into the Waters of March song gave more meaning to the photos and to the song. Thanks for sharing this montage.


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