Daffs and Cherry Blossoms



I’m in the desert now, in California. Soon I will have photos of a place that couldn’t be much different than where I live. But until then, here are a few  photos from last weekend of daffodils at a botanical garden and cherry trees that have just begun to bloom near Seattle. Oh, and the dangling white flowers are on an early blooming northwest native shrub, Indian Plum or Osaberry (Oemeria cerasiformis).


  1. Oh I love daffodils – they are such happy flowers like daisies. We were in Tokyo just a few weeks before the buds erupted on the cherry blossoms, oh how they teased me, those little almost blooms but sadly I could not stay to see their full delight. Gosh, guess I will just have to go back! 🙂


  2. Super welcoming in Spring images BB .
    Ah the desert .. I’m sure your camera is on permanent click 😉 am sure we’ll see soon !


    • Wouldn’t it be fun if we could exchange environments for a day, or a week? I was just thinking about tropical flowers today, and how they’re different from our flora. In general our flowers are a little more subdued, but oh, how very beautiful is a cherry tree in full bloom!


      • Yes, it is so fun and many benefit can be obtained from exchanging knowledge of the nature and environment. I have seen the photo of Cherry tree in full bloom, It is amazing. I think there is not thing to compare with it.


  3. And something I know you would appreciate is that often the bark on the tree is quite rough, making a wonderful contrast – the very delicate blossoms against the rough bark. I think the Japanese have a good feeling for that aesthetic tension. Another wonderful thing is when the petals fall and the ground under the tree is covered with pale pink “snow.” I love to stand under the branches and just gaze up at them. And it’s all so fleeting – that’s part of the magic – it does not last long, then you have to wait another year.


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