There is nothing to be



There is a moment,


a sparkle inside my head – then,

the black box talks in my hands

of the unity of time

and its loss.

Of moments present

and past.

Of pretty things;

of love.

Having no idea what will come of it,

I wander home

to translate light.

Light that was

and is

and will be



Red Osier 1


Red Osier 2


Red Osier 3


Red Osier 4


Red Osier 5


Red Osier 6


Red Osier 7


Red Osier 8


Red Osier 9


Red Osier 10


Red Osier 11


Red Osier 12


Red Osier 13


I saw a bed of red osier dogwood planted in front of tall evergreens at Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle the other day. The deep blue-green gloom of the evergreens was a perfect foil for the warm colors of the stems.

(Also known as red twig dogwood, or Cornus siricea, the shrubby plant is an American native, used extensively in landscaping for its “winter interest.”   Its slender stems can be various shades of red, magenta, pink, and in some cultivars, yellow-green. It’s known as Cornus stolonifera, too, just to keep things complicated.)

The haze of warm color was inviting in the drab winter landscape. I remembered a photograph I took last year of a stand of red osier in another Seattle park. I had the camera on shutter priority and set a long exposure, then moved the camera up and down, following the growth pattern of the branches. It resulted in a brilliantly colored curtain of softly blended vertical streaks, included here in a previous post about Color.

So I tried that again and experimented with different ways of moving the camera while the shutter was open – up and down, right and left, in arcs, forward and back, while walking around the plants…it’s a pleasure to get your body into camera work once in while! Then I returned home and got to work, to play. I processed the images with a variety of adjustments and effects in Lightroom and OnOne Perfect Effects, in a few very enjoyable hours…

There was freedom in it, and pleasure.



  1. I can sense how much you’ve loved playing and transforming light here BB 🙂
    My imagination has been stirred along ethereal watery scenes … sgraffito … dense networked cobweb forests … time indistinct ..


  2. Hi Lynn! Remember me? These images made me think of how my brain has felt for many months now – illuminated yet happily out of focus with colorful synapses just firing away because, well, that’s what synapses do. I am trying now to focus beyond the internal where I have been tucked away and take all my colorful energy and apply it externally. Hard to get back in shape when one hasn’t exercised their external side for so long! 🙂 Don’t know if that made sense, so more simply put your images sure did connect with me as they so often do. Thanks.


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