Abandoned and Overgrown

Somewhere along Washington State’s Mountain Loop Highway, in the foothills of the Cascade Range, a little shack sits off the side of the road, abandoned and VERY overgrown.

Travel east, north or south from Seattle and you’re sure to come across abandoned structures and vehicles. The region’s abundant rainfall and temperate climate keep the green machine running, quickly enveloping abandoned buildings, cars or trucks in thick layers of moss, fungus and ferns.

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is to post a photo of something abandoned. More here!


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  2. These last two posts seem to share a common theme – a quiet, private walk in woodland away from the madding crowd, and then chance encounters. The pictures indicate that you had time to be with your subjects and truly appreciate their contrasting qualities


  3. It always amazes me just how quickly nature can reclaim anything we leave behind. I love the moss growing on the tin roof! I’ve always loved moss. It reminds me of my childhood in the woods on my grandfather’s farm. It’s humid here, but there are few areas of real forest. Can you imagine the need for a “No Trespassing” sign on that building? My fear of snakes would be sufficient to keep me out. A soft and nice image, Lynn.


    • Yes, moss thriving on metal ! Crazy! Fear of snakes might keep you out but you know there are always people who are enticed by places like this – what a great Halloween hideout….


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  6. I love your veering off and finding gems like this BB . It’s just the thing to get the heart beating a little faster isn’t it .
    I still can’t get over how rampant ivies and creepers transform structures so quickly to become what I consider many a time a real improvement 😉


    • It is just the thing, and not hard to find. But I guess I have developed antennae for it by now. Yes, the fern-covered roof is pretty cool, isn’t it? You’d pay a lot of money to have someone do that for you these days. And it’s true, it doesn’t take long here, because we have abundant rainfall 3/4 of the year, sun all summer, and very little time spent below freezing.


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