Wacky Words for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

A Photo Challenge that makes you think! The idea this week is to take three photos: one to establish the scene, one to show interaction between two elements in the scene, and one to up get close.  My second shot shows four rather than two elements – but I think the principle is the same, and who could resist that wacky word quartet?



These photos (taken with my old Samsung Galaxy phone) show a public art piece called “Vernacular” by Seattle artist Buster Simpson, at the Bellevue Public Library. The man and his son are heading into the parking garage, where even more license plates stamped with words hang on an interior wall.


Anyone care to create a poem from these words? Grabbing more words from the first photo is permitted.


More responses to this week’s Daily Post WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge are here.   And I can’t resist – here are two more images from yesterday’s trip to the library – an uncanny vamping welcome, anyone?


In case you’re wondering, as we were, a zyzzyva is a kind of snout-y, tropical American beetle, but the word’s obvious charm has led to other uses, among them, the name for a group of West coast artists and writers – how cool is that? Here’s their latest work.


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    • Wow – very interesting! Don’t you think one of the nice things about getting older is that we start to notice these really obscure things about our own behavior, and we get smart enough to begin to make adjustments for our quirks, and to even play with them sometimes. On a good day!


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