WordPress has compiled its Photography 101 series into a free ebook, which includes a chapter I wrote on Point of View.  There are loads of images to inspire you and many useful tips and techniques throughout the book. Save it for reference or scroll through it for new ideas.  You can download it here:

Ebook: Photography 101.

And since I cannot imagine a post without images, here are few random selections from the archives:










Why not end with a song?

I photographed pianist Johnny Hahn at Seattle’s Pike Place Market, where he has played his piano on wheels most every day for over 25 years.  Please enjoy this you tube video of him.


  1. Thanks for posting the link. I tried to download it yesterday when WP sent out the post, but the site was down (or something)… probably wouldn’t have thought to go back for another try if you hadn’t given me the nudge. Only read the first two chapters so far (haven’t made it to your entry yet), but how cool that you get to share your hints and expertise with us! Way to go!

    • That is such a great thing to hear, because one thing I really like to do, and try to do, is to see things a little differently and then convey that. And you know I always enjoy your point of view!

    • Isn’t that the coolest looking house? It was in Florida, I think it was Everglade City, a really pleasantly funky place and fabulous to photograph. If only that little lot could be plunked down on the Lower East Side….

  2. I enjoyed your article Lynn. Your illustrations were wisely selected and I like the way you challenge your reader to ask questions and find ways to get outside the box. Interesting comment about working with an articulating screen (is that an allusion to your new G3?)

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