The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge is to focus on one object.  Here’s a little silver clown ring with articulated head, arms and legs. While I was out exploring, I set it down on an old wood plank and took a picture. This guy may be out of place but he’s grinning anyway!

More objects people have photographed for the challenge are here.


    • I found him at an estate sale a while back – I’m always scared when I wear the ring that the arms & legs are going to snag on something and come off – it wasn’t a table, just a piece of wood at some abandoned industrial site in New Jersey where I was wandering around…I should have brought it home & made a table though, right?


      • You really should have, looks like a great piece of wood! I have a ring that’s a worry like that too… only wear it when going out for a meal or something similar as have had a few sharp intake of breath moments thinking I’d broken it! 😉


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    • That was taken a while ago near a wildlife sanctuary in the NJ Meadowlands – Richard W. DeKorte Park – there’s a crazy view of the Empire State Bldg from there. Could be in interesting place to go shoot, if you can get there easily.


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