I’ve been working with different processing applications in OnOne Perfect Effects 8. There are many different effects to try, and some of my photographs of ferns seemed to lend themselves to more obvious treatments than I usually use, including using borders. The repeating  shapes and curving, delicate growth habit of ferns have always attracted me – fern foliage can be simple and graphic, but also incredibly delicate.



  1. Amazing photo! Love the focus going in and out…
    Personally I don´t like borders and here it takes away the attention from the photo too in my opinion.
    But not so much that its still a superb photo 😉
    Greetings, Ron.


    • I understand what you mean about borders. I go back and forth. Obviously in most cases I don’t use them, but in these cases I decided to go for a more illustration kind of a look. I think you meant to put your comment under one of the photos above and I wish I knew which one – the last one?


  2. Oh, sorry, I meant photoS, but my favorite is the first(where I meant the focus going in and out, really love it!) and then the second to last!
    But it´s just an opinion about borders, I see beautiful photos and thats what counts 😉


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